It’s Not Bail Out It’s Pay Back !

There has been a rumour that some campainies in Uganda require to be bailed out because of poor performance due to poor economic times. However I think they would rather be clear and say they want to be paid back. The list of bail out and those who gave Museveni money in the elections and those which are for bailout collorarate a big deal. For example the following companies gave Museveni 16bn during the elections. And about 75 percent of them want to be bailed out. Why not first demand their money. The companies are ‪Tycoons Donate Shs16B To museveni

1. Sudhir Ruparellia Shs3.3 billion

2. King Ceasor Mulenga of St Augustine University shs500 million

3. Taban of KK Buses shs500 million

4. Godfrey Kirumira shs100 million

5. Brahim Kibirige Muwanga [BMK] of Hotel Africana shs100 million

6. Mansoor Matovu Yanga of Youma shs100

7 John Bosco Muwonge shs100M

8. John Ssebalamu shs100M

9. Drake Lubega shs100M

10. Joseph Yiga of Steel And Tube shs100M

11. Haji Hamis Kigunddu shs200M

12. Haruna Ssentongo shs150M

13. Ephrahim Ntaganda of E Towers shs100M

14. Amos Nzeyi shs100M

15. Patrick Bitatule shs100M

16.Charles Mbire of MTN shs300M

17. Dott Services shs400M

18. Lalani Skinder of Roofing’s shs200M

19.Herbert Muwonge shs150M

20. Ben Kavuya shs100M

21. Haji Kafeero Mutaasa shs100M

22 Emmanuel Katongole shs100M

23. Kellen Kayonga (Askar Security Group) shs100M

24. Fredrick Kitakka Mutebi (Quality Chemicals) shs100M

25.Bob Kabonero (Kampala Casino) shs100M

26 Byaruhanga ( Mt Of The Moon) shs100M

27. Fred Kamwesi (Akamwesi Hostels) shs50M

28. LATTO Fresh Milk shs100M

29.Tom Mugenga shs100M

30. Apollo Amponnye shs100M

31. Emmanule Lukyamuzi shs100M

32. Paasita Walugembe shs100M

33. Robert Mwesigwa shs100M

34. Posiano Ngabiraano (Capital Shoppers) shs100M

35. Obadiya Tebikayine shs100M

36. Phanehansi Mwesigwa (Lake View hotel in Mbarara) shs100M

37. Francis Kakumba shs100M

38. John Buyinza shs100M

39. Haji Muyanja Mbabali

40. Kajoba (Sojovalo Hotel) shs50M

41. Moses Lumala shs50M

42. Robert Ssekidde (Seroma) shs50M

43. Ben Mugisha (Bemuga) shs50M

44. Mohan Kiwanuka shs50M

45. Haji Kasaayi (Kasaayi Construction) shs50M

46. Meddie Ssebagala shs50M

47. Tom Kitanddwe shs50M

48. Kayongo (Zion Hotel) shs50M

49. Mugisha (Quality Chemicals) shs50M

50. Kenneth Mugisha shs50M

51. Sseagawa (Protea Hotel Entebbe) shs40M

52. Sylvia Namutebi [Maama Fiina] shs20M

53. Christine Nabukeera shs10 M

54. Haji Swaib Nseera (Nana Hostel) shs10M

55. John Bagambe owa Super Oil 5M

56. Topista Nabaale shs5M

57. Sarah Nkonge shs5M

58. Agnes Babirye (HB Towers) shs5M this is partisan and we need not to support this presidential fraud we need to resist it


Michael Kabaziguruka Shouldn’t Have Appeared In Court Martial

Let us put this whole Hon. Michael Kabaziguruka’s issue of not appearing in the court martial to rest.

1. Hon.  Michael Kabaziguruka was sick and not well to appear in court.  However,  even if he wasn’t sick he would not have appear unless he was forced by the prison authorities to appear before this ilegal court. He has challenged his trial before this court

and hence doesn’t wish to appear before this court.  He isn’t a soldier and has never been one.  He wasn’t found with any military equipment or hardware. however,  should Lt Gen Guti wish to try him at all costs, he can move his court to Kigo prison and try him in prison like they wanted to do for Dr.  Besigye.

2. We don’t think justice can be got in the GCM . The suspects are said to have committed offences against the UPDF.  Now how can they then be aligned in front of a UPDF court,  tried by UPDF soldiers and using the UPDF act of 2005. So the accusser is the prosecutor. Also can some please advise me what experience Lt. Gen.  Guti has in trying a case of this magnitude that has a maximum sentence of death. 

3. We all need to come together and stand up for our rights.  The rights of our soldiers as well. On 18th we found a soldier battling a case of April 2005. The prosecution was finalizing with the last witness.  It has taken them 11 yrs and 3months for the prosecution to finish with just 6 witnesses. Can u imagine what this man’s family continue to go through?

Every ugandan is entitled to a fair and speedy trial wheather civilian or soldier. We need to stand up and protect that right that is granted to us by our constitution.

I stand for my rights granted to me by our constitution and will not allow them to be trumped over by this bunch of conquerors who took power to conquer Uganda and Ugandans.  Will you stand with me or have we all folded our hands and given up?



Why Robert Mugabe Is my Hero

The people I tell that Mugabe is my African hero they always tell me that it shouldn’t be me that could support Mugabe. To them they would want to compare Mugabe with Museveni which is very wrong. Mugabe has overstayed in power yes but I have defended him him against the deliberate distortion of Zimbabwe’s story by the selfish western countries.
I want to further assert that Mugabe is a very popular man than Museveni when shangrai defeated him his chief electoral commission didn’t change the results though he didn’t leave power! I am a believer in the African story told by the Africans. Zimbabwe has been put to negativity by the western media which has kept silent on countries like CAR, DRC, Etc because they deplete the resources of these countries which Mugabe foiled in the Zimbabwe Land. Further More we must appreciate Mugabe for taking good economic reforms for his back people against the whims of the western countries. This bold decision is what Mandela and his predecessors couldn’t take because they were running on the whims of the western countries. More to that Mugabe has better infrastructure in terms of education, schools, health. Zimbabwe except of recent has been a food basket for southern Africa. His fight against colonialism and imperialism is strong in words and deeds he doesn’t cowardice like president Museveni. Mugabe further heads one of the strongest political parties on The continent that will outlive him. I am a firm believer in the sovereignty of the African people and Mugabe protects them. I maintain Mugabe as my hero because even when the Zimbabweans protested in numbers against economic hardships he at least handled them better than many African States would do. Mugabe has also managed to have another group of The society that supports him and they have showed demonstrable support. I believe in him Mugabe you are my hero


My Response To Gen. Kale Kayihura

In the weekend I went to Western Uganda to do my conservation business around Mbarara. While in mbarara the people’s president passed by greeted his supporters and moved to Bushenyi. He had a thanks giving in Rukungiri where I joined him! I am an ardent Besigye/FDC supporter. Its always great to be with the Right side than to be with the wrong side. While in Mbarara on Sunday morning at Lake View hotel in mbarara the IGP addressed a press conference and mentioned my name as the leader of those who pelted stones at police. This is not true for I am a believer in Peace than his entire command that that commands police kifesi. In the the same sense I am a political mobiliser a leader in the FDC party and a youth activist and I have organised some demonstrations all these are always peaceful. I am a Ugandan citizens like all others who have Chance and opportunity to fend for their lives and families and I am one of the citizens who doesn’t require a Visa to move to any part of Uganda and More so to an areas where I am born. So mbarara I will always come. I also want to add that because last week he incited the citizens that the Police should hit people using sticks this might have given the citizens the trend of what to do. I am again of the view that our citizens in the western districts where went are determined to have change and they are very unapologetic about that. They are also determined to reclaim their stolen victory. I wish him much in stopping change that is unstoppable


A cartoon of police chief with a kifesi Police member.

We Might Be Left With Nothing But To Carry Sticks.

In one of the many proceedings of Besigye’s Case as I moved from my Gayaza Road I was beaten by a police officer he injured my arm. If I had a stick like him may be I would have showed him that I am better than him in using the same.
There was another incident when while demonstrating at Bakuli as we moved to take a letter to the IGP police attacked us led by Jorom and hit us and in the end he broke the spine of a WBS Jounarist. Had we had sticks may be we could have defended ourselves.
Since Besigye was released on Tuesday at a very moment police takes the chance with sticks and beats up citizens making them like cows. I have seen a latter written by Namaye the Police publist claiming to be wanting to look for the officers involved in violence. However that’s pretence because I am convinced that the kiboko that they are using is bought by tax payers money. They are distributed to policemen and women and I am convinced that if she was genuine she would have told us who distributes that kind of kiboko


The commander of Kampala carrying a stick its officially used let police accept