My Response To Gen. Kale Kayihura

In the weekend I went to Western Uganda to do my conservation business around Mbarara. While in mbarara the people’s president passed by greeted his supporters and moved to Bushenyi. He had a thanks giving in Rukungiri where I joined him! I am an ardent Besigye/FDC supporter. Its always great to be with the Right side than to be with the wrong side. While in Mbarara on Sunday morning at Lake View hotel in mbarara the IGP addressed a press conference and mentioned my name as the leader of those who pelted stones at police. This is not true for I am a believer in Peace than his entire command that that commands police kifesi. In the the same sense I am a political mobiliser a leader in the FDC party and a youth activist and I have organised some demonstrations all these are always peaceful. I am a Ugandan citizens like all others who have Chance and opportunity to fend for their lives and families and I am one of the citizens who doesn’t require a Visa to move to any part of Uganda and More so to an areas where I am born. So mbarara I will always come. I also want to add that because last week he incited the citizens that the Police should hit people using sticks this might have given the citizens the trend of what to do. I am again of the view that our citizens in the western districts where went are determined to have change and they are very unapologetic about that. They are also determined to reclaim their stolen victory. I wish him much in stopping change that is unstoppable


A cartoon of police chief with a kifesi Police member.


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