Pastor Kakande must be with museveni in sand miningĀ 

Since my senior one in 2004 I have not gone for Easter holidays at my home for more than three times. Even when I went to university I never went for easter holidays. I have therefore enjoyed every easter holiday away from home.
Being the kind that doesn’t go to happening place quite often I get these holidays to also go to bars and restaurants to enjoy the cool breeze in those environments. When I came to university as a poor boy I couldn’t have gone to stay anywhere than Kikumi Kikumi. So I was near kakande’s church however I have never attended any pentecostal church gatherings because I simply recognise four religions the Catholic Church, the Anglican church, the Islamic faith and partly our own African religions for they are part of us no matter how we Dodge calling them our religions. As I moved from a bar in kawempe going to acacia during one of the easter holidays I used the mulago route and I found a first batch of soldiers at yellow primary school makerere and these told me of how there was no way because kakande was preaching. This was SFG than the one now they call SFC.
I therefore obliged to the orders but started becoming inquisitive on why a pastor with divine powers never believed in God’s protection but rather wanted museveni protection. I noticed that museveni was the one perpetuating criminal pastors.
Weeks ago I learnt that kakande had guns in his premises he hasn’t been charged in any court neither has he reported to police. If anyone thinks this isn’t museveni arming pastors tell me any one museveni can allow to have guns and remain stable.
Before the gun issue ended the same man has been found to mine Lake sand and he is not only selling only Ugandans but this great mineral has moved as far as South African market this shows how we are managing our country.
We have again seen many people come to Parliament to answer one or two about their scandalous behavior however this is different with kakande instead museveni has called the committee that is dealing with him to state house why. In my own conclusion museveni might be a partner with kakande in this business