Michael Kabaziguruka Shouldn’t Have Appeared In Court Martial

Let us put this whole Hon. Michael Kabaziguruka’s issue of not appearing in the court martial to rest.

1. Hon.  Michael Kabaziguruka was sick and not well to appear in court.  However,  even if he wasn’t sick he would not have appear unless he was forced by the prison authorities to appear before this ilegal court. He has challenged his trial before this court

and hence doesn’t wish to appear before this court.  He isn’t a soldier and has never been one.  He wasn’t found with any military equipment or hardware. however,  should Lt Gen Guti wish to try him at all costs, he can move his court to Kigo prison and try him in prison like they wanted to do for Dr.  Besigye.

2. We don’t think justice can be got in the GCM . The suspects are said to have committed offences against the UPDF.  Now how can they then be aligned in front of a UPDF court,  tried by UPDF soldiers and using the UPDF act of 2005. So the accusser is the prosecutor. Also can some please advise me what experience Lt. Gen.  Guti has in trying a case of this magnitude that has a maximum sentence of death. 

3. We all need to come together and stand up for our rights.  The rights of our soldiers as well. On 18th we found a soldier battling a case of April 2005. The prosecution was finalizing with the last witness.  It has taken them 11 yrs and 3months for the prosecution to finish with just 6 witnesses. Can u imagine what this man’s family continue to go through?

Every ugandan is entitled to a fair and speedy trial wheather civilian or soldier. We need to stand up and protect that right that is granted to us by our constitution.

I stand for my rights granted to me by our constitution and will not allow them to be trumped over by this bunch of conquerors who took power to conquer Uganda and Ugandans.  Will you stand with me or have we all folded our hands and given up?




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