Why Robert Mugabe Is my Hero

The people I tell that Mugabe is my African hero they always tell me that it shouldn’t be me that could support Mugabe. To them they would want to compare Mugabe with Museveni which is very wrong. Mugabe has overstayed in power yes but I have defended him him against the deliberate distortion of Zimbabwe’s story by the selfish western countries.
I want to further assert that Mugabe is a very popular man than Museveni when shangrai defeated him his chief electoral commission didn’t change the results though he didn’t leave power! I am a believer in the African story told by the Africans. Zimbabwe has been put to negativity by the western media which has kept silent on countries like CAR, DRC, Etc because they deplete the resources of these countries which Mugabe foiled in the Zimbabwe Land. Further More we must appreciate Mugabe for taking good economic reforms for his back people against the whims of the western countries. This bold decision is what Mandela and his predecessors couldn’t take because they were running on the whims of the western countries. More to that Mugabe has better infrastructure in terms of education, schools, health. Zimbabwe except of recent has been a food basket for southern Africa. His fight against colonialism and imperialism is strong in words and deeds he doesn’t cowardice like president Museveni. Mugabe further heads one of the strongest political parties on The continent that will outlive him. I am a firm believer in the sovereignty of the African people and Mugabe protects them. I maintain Mugabe as my hero because even when the Zimbabweans protested in numbers against economic hardships he at least handled them better than many African States would do. Mugabe has also managed to have another group of The society that supports him and they have showed demonstrable support. I believe in him Mugabe you are my hero



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