We Might Be Left With Nothing But To Carry Sticks.

In one of the many proceedings of Besigye’s Case as I moved from my Gayaza Road I was beaten by a police officer he injured my arm. If I had a stick like him may be I would have showed him that I am better than him in using the same.
There was another incident when while demonstrating at Bakuli as we moved to take a letter to the IGP police attacked us led by Jorom and hit us and in the end he broke the spine of a WBS Jounarist. Had we had sticks may be we could have defended ourselves.
Since Besigye was released on Tuesday at a very moment police takes the chance with sticks and beats up citizens making them like cows. I have seen a latter written by Namaye the Police publist claiming to be wanting to look for the officers involved in violence. However that’s pretence because I am convinced that the kiboko that they are using is bought by tax payers money. They are distributed to policemen and women and I am convinced that if she was genuine she would have told us who distributes that kind of kiboko


The commander of Kampala carrying a stick its officially used let police accept


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