I am for a health living where people eat both the right quality of food and the right quantity food. I am for those who make exercises and I am interested in the off springs that people give. The feeding habits of the Ugandan girls are worrying. Today as Read through the recent scientific findings I have found this one it has broken my heart, its stated that a woman’s obesity may put her future great-grandchildren at high risk of metabolic problems such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease, even before she becomes pregnant, a study has found.
While previous studies have linked a woman’s health in pregnancy to her child’s weight later in life, the new study published this week in the US journal Cell Reports showed the risk does not end only with the first generation, Xinhua news agency reported.
Obesity-caused genetic abnormalities, it said, and can be passed through the female bloodline to at least three generations, even if these offspring eat healthy.
“Our findings indicate that a mother’s obesity can impair the health of later generations,” said senior author Kelle Moley, professor of obstetrics and gynaecology at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.
“This is particularly important because more than two-thirds of reproductive-age women in the US are overweight or obese,” Moley said.
In the new study, the researchers fed mice a high-fat, high-sugar diet comprised of about 60 per cent fat and 20 per cent sugar, which mimics more of the Western diet and was “like eating fast food every day”, from six weeks prior to conception until weaning.
Their offspring then were fed a controlled diet of standard rodent chow, which is high in protein and low in fat and sugar.
Despite the healthy diet, the pups, grand pups and great-grand pups developed insulin resistance and other metabolic problems.
Abnormalities in mitochondria, which often are referred to as the powerhouses of cells because they supply energy for metabolism and other biochemical processes and are inherited only from mothers, not fathers, were found in muscle and skeletal tissue of the mice.
The research showed that a mother’s obesity — and its associated metabolic problems — may be inherited through mitochondrial DNA present in the unfertilised oocyte, or egg.
“It’s important to note that in humans, in which the diets of children closely mirror those of their parents, the effects of maternal metabolic syndrome may be greater than in our mouse model,” Moley said.
She urged people to eat nutritiously, although more research is needed to determine if a consistent diet low in fat and sugar, as well as regular exercise, may reverse genetic metabolic abnormalities.
“Over the decades, our diets have worsened, in large part due to processed foods and fast foods. We’re seeing the effects in the current obesity crisis,” Moley said.
“Research points to poor maternal nutrition and a predisposition to obesity.” Therefore its important for the future mothers to take note and act accordingly.



I am firm about this opinion I am writing about our two great leaders I respect them for they have led the party at high ranks. However the FDC supporters across the country and outside must open their eyes and no one should deceive them that amongst the two leaders any of them for defiance

 Having hope in any of them to take the defiance struggle to the next stage would be killing the struggle. I have charted with young people in this great political party and there seems to be confusion as the Pro-Mafabi group claims to support defiance claiming the pro-Muntu group to be killing it. In my own wisdom none of the two gentlemen supports the great campaign and both of them have fallen short in leading the campaign without Besigye in the picture they appear not to have direction.

The day the first announcement was made to appoint LOP comrades Kayanja Thomas, Kahemba Babi and myself led a group of youth with a plan to stop a NEC meeting that was being held at Najjanankumbi. We wanted to present our stand that it would retard the defiance campaign if FDC appointed the Leader of opposition and subsequently the shadow cabinet.

With my colleagues we started to demonstrate outside the meeting room we made the meeting fail to go on for about 20 minutes. At this point Hon. Mafabi came out to interest us in stopping and claimed that they were not going to appoint the LOP but rather the leader of FDC in parliament. (This showed that they Knew the mistake that they were about to do).  I thought that he knew the law, I told him and went on to elaborate to him that the rules of parliament and the constitution respected none other than the leader of opposition. He tried to convince me but I refused, Hon Michael Kabaziguruka also tried to woe us to stop the demonstration I explained to the two that a mistake was going to be done and this wouldn’t even take a week.

These same individuals went back to the meeting room and told Gen. Muntu that we had refused to vacate. Muntu ordered that we enter a NEC meeting. In my mind I knew since Mafabi had been “deaf” to our request I thought may be Muntu being tolerant he would find it wise to listen to us. In my good white jeans when we entered I was told not to seat on the chair but rather to seat on the floor which I refused. As other members were still waiting to enter an angry Muntu with his shirts sleeves folded. He started by calling all of us in the demonstration NRM and Museveni promoters that I swallowed, he further said that he can’t govern the party on gun point and chased us out of the meeting without hearing our side! This was Muntu refusing our views using Museveni whom I thought he wouldn’t have used that example against us for it has been used against him and I know he understands how it hurts.

 Meanwhile the members of parliament who were in the NEC meeting were seeing us as useless creatures who can’t have an opinion I hate being reduced by I was reduced to minute particles I simply moved out in silence!  Later I heard that Ingrid with her innocence was almost going to be butchered in that same meeting. As I had professed later in the evening the party announced its chief whip, LOP and commissioner at parliament. In all this its only Ingrid’s name that was mentioned later Munyagwa and comrade Nyanjura. Later Mafabi used his office to distance himself from the appointments NEC had made by changing the name to leader of minority of course as I had warned any one appointing any leader who is not constitutional the speaker refused and finally Muntu had to write by himself. In my own judgement both two men fell short only that Muntu owns up and Mafabi wants to take advantage of the situation. However I can’t be blackmailed to go for what I understand for I wasn’t in Kanungu I was at Najja and I got everything that was said and done.

Since then I haven’t been to the party head quarter for I was disappointed that with Besigye absent all the others are greedy and selfish and simply are fighting for positions within the party and any one that cheers them is part of them the reason I have been silent on matters of greed. I find the youth who have joined the camps of any of the men wanting if any supports the defiance campaign  I think we can rebrand and strengthen our power10 structures and work hard to maintain the momentum of this great struggle that we are about to win. I am tired of leaders who tell us of


how it was hard to live in the 70s but do not promise on how it will be better to live in the 2020s. Mine is about hope that we shall ultimately win by defiance for it’s the only way.
Brian Atuheire Batenda


Members of the media, FDC officials present, comrades in the struggle and all democratic forces in Uganda.

Today, we assemble here to bring to your attention a matter that is of grave concern to all of us. We are living in dangerous times.

We are concerned that hundreds of our opposition colleagues have been kidnapped by security agents and cannot be traced at this hour. Dozens  have been arrested by police and other security personnel and detained in safe houses or ungazzetted detention centres where relatives, friends and colleagues cannot access them.

This trend of abduction, kidnap and mass arrests of our members was intensified after the 2016 presidential elections that we are convinced was rigged by the same security apparatus that is constantly hounding us today.

Most of those activists kidnapped like FDC youth leader Babi Kahemba cannot be traced anywhere on Ugandan territory yet we know they have all been variously picked by uniformed and non-uniformed security agents.

More worrying is that all our activists kidnapped have not been allowed access to their lawyers or formally charged in courts of law. We have reliable information that some colleagues have been tortured, ostensibly to force them into submission or denounce their allegiance to opposition politics in Uganda.

Some, we are have been told, are being threatened with possible links to armed rebellion in Uganda. This is totally unacceptable. We resist this political witchhunt against the convictions and persuasions of our members. We stand with them in this hour of need.

This trend of political events is worrying; worrying because our security agencies have been used to abuse the political rights of opposition youth in Uganda. The security agencies and especially the Police appear to have reneged on its core mission and duty of protecting citizens of Uganda.

It may not not be shocking that our members have been kidnapped by men in police uniform and others are held in various police sites spread  across Uganda. We think is absolutely criminal for police to operate exclusive sites such as safe houses where they detain political  prisoners and subject them to torture, cruel and inhuman tretament. We demand that police must come clean, release our members or produce them in competent courts to face charges, if any can be preferred against them. To keep them in ungazzetted sites is pure violation of their political and human rights.

We hold police totally responsible for the disapperance of members firstly, because they have the mission duty of protecting citizens of Uganda. But secondly, the police takes full responsibility for the disapperance of our members because at every last point of location of sight of our members before disappearance, uniformed police are always in sight.

We also demand that Police must stop acting like a political party. If the force wants to engage in politics, it should register as a political party and fully operate as so. It can even choose to ally with NRM. This business of wearing a national uniform and operate as an NRM para-military police force must stop. This political practice by the police, if unchecked will have consquences. 

We understand that police also uses Nalufenya prison in Jinja as another exclusive torture chamber for those opposed to NRM military junta. Yes the facility is completely shut out to citizens even when relatives and friends are closed inside. Sources in police say those who are detained there are subjected to the worst forms of torture. They are beaten, deprived of sleep, given inadquate food rations and worst of all denied immediate health care. We understand that some of our members are detained in Nalufenya ungazzetted detention facility .

We urge local and international human right bodies to inspect the state of Nalufenya detention cell to establish if it meets the basic standards of holding political prisoners.

We also wish to reiterate that we remain committed to searching for our comrades and ensuring that they are freed. We are convinced that all our comrades are political prisoners.

We however demand police must release all our comrades in the custody.

We shall be free.



We shall Never For get Muhammad Ali

An interfaith memorial service for three-time heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad took place in  Alibegan in Louisville, Kentucky, last week , as thousands gathered to say goodbye to the boxing legend and activist.
Ali died on June 3 at a hospital in Phoenix, Arizona, where he had spent the previous few days being treated for respiratory complications, a family spokesperson told PEOPLE. He was 74. 

Lonnie Ali, the boxer’s fourth wife, gave a moving tribute on Friday saying that her husband “did not fear death.” 

“His timing is once again poignant. His passing and its meaning for our time should not be overlooked as we face uncertainty in a world and divisions at home as to who we are as people. Muhammad’s life should provide guidance,” she told thousands of mourners.

There were many speakers and eulogists at the memorial ceremony. Below, some of what they said about the late Ali. 

• Dr. Kevin Cosby
“Muhammad Ali was a product of a difficult time and he dared to love black people in a time when black people had a hard time loving themselves. He dared to affirm the beauty of blackness he dared to affirm the power and the capacity of African-Americans. He dared to love America’s most unloved race and he loved us all and we loved him because we knew he loved us. He loved us all whether you lived in the suburbs or the slums or the avenue or in the alley, whether you came from the penthouse or the projects.” 

• Sen. Orrin Hatch
“Ali took the pen of history and wrote his own title in the text books. He was not Muhammad Ali the prize fighter or Muhammad Ali the world champion, he was Muhammad Ali ‘The Greatest…’ With the cut throat quickness of a street fighter and the simple grace of a ballerina Ali moved with Achilles like agility and punched with herculean strength. To see Ali’s athletic prowess is to see only half the man… He may have been a tough and tenacious man in the ring but he was compassionate and caring with those he loved.” 

• Monsignor Henry Kriegel
“Muhammad Ali opened our eyes to the evil of racism the absurdity of war… He chided our consciences and awaked in us a deeper sense, the need to respect one another and set aside racial differences.” 

• Rabbi Michael Lerner
“He was a person who was willing to risk a great honor that he got and a great fame he got to speak truth to power….he stood up and was willing to take that kind of a risk because of that kind of moral integrity.” 

• Chief Sidney Hill, as translated by Chief Oren Lyons
“He fought for the people of color and he was a man of peace and principle. A man of compassion who used his great gifts for the common good… He was always supportive of the indigenous people of this hemisphere…. He brought a light into this world…and that light will shine a long long time. Peace brother, peace.” 

• Rabbi Joe Rapport
“He was our heart and that heart beats here still… There will never be another ‘Greatest’ like Muhammad Ali, but we together can now embody his kindness and his compassion. We can say each of us in our hearts there’s a little bit of Ali in me.” 

• Ambassador Attallah Shabazz
“Having Muhammad Ali in my life somehow sustained my dad’s breath for me just a little while longer… 51 years longer. Until now. I am forever grateful at our union on this earth forever.” 

Former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger arrives for Muhammad Ali’s memorial service

Ali designed the two-day memorial in great detail years before his death, ESPN reports. And spokesman Bob Gunnell said ahead of the funeral that the service would be a reflection of Ali’s life. 

Muhammad Ali’s daughter Maryum arrives for his memorial service

“Muhammad’s extraordinary boxing career only encompasses half his life,”

“The other half was committed to carrying a message of peace and inclusion to the world. Following his wishes, his funeral will reflect those principals and will be a celebration open to everyone.” 

Muhammad Ali’s body is loaded into a hearse by pall bearers (top row, from left): Gene Dibble Jr., John Ramsey, Jerry Ellis, Kamawi Ali, Jan Waddell (and bottom row, from left): Ibn Ali, Lennox Lewis, Will Smith, John Grady and Mike Tyson

The moving service followed a 19-mile processional around Louisville, marking the star’s final tour around his hometown


S.3 Dropout Is Our minister Of Education.

Uganda is a gain hit by a useless Parliament. This 10th Parliament so far has a approved a senior three Dropout to be the minister of education. In her interface with Parliament Janet Museveni confessed that she didn’t sit for S.4 and S.6 exams! She went ahead to confess that she didn’t do teaching practice. This means that her admission was wrong like her graduation because there is no where on earth where you can get a bachelors of education without teaching practice. But our poor Parliament using orders from above decided to pass such a
fellow to be a minister not for any other ministry but ministry of education. I am not disappointed in our Parliament but rather the energy to fight this treachery is increasing daily. I see a country without order a country without Hope and a country where impunity rules. I am young and energetic I would want to contribute in putting an end on this. I am perturbed however that people’s hearts are weird they can do anything stupid to please one man. Us who think differently are criminals since they determine who is a criminal and who is not. I therefore find it not important to even go to Court to challenge such since even judges work to please the same man.


Supporting Besigye In My Crime For which I was beaten

I was last beaten using a stick when I was in S2 in 2005 at St. Mary’s Rushoroza. This was done by my good commerce teacher who was the Hostel Warden at the same time. His reason was that I had dodged prep. This was my crime then for it was destroying my Father’s resources and may be as such I would not turn to be a good man as he wanted. The same year when the headmaster tried to cane I refused and we ended up negotiating. I having been an intelligent kid at school he offered to monitor me and that morning he gave me a cup of coffee instead.

However today I woke up in high spirits and I decided to go to Court in kasangati in Wakiso district where my president Kizza Besigye is being tried for disobeying lawful orders. As I left my residence in Ntinda after kyanja towards Gayaza road I had voices of a motorcade. Knowing that Besigye is always driven like a terrorist I felt that if I could take a photo of those cars and together it would be beautiful but they were far so I took this photograph


If one looks at the photo properly you can notice the cards arriving. I had not known that taking the photo and waving the V sign for my party was a case. Before I could take the second one a Police Officer in uniform carrying a heavy stick hit my arm I couldn’t take it therefore. I didn’t change course I told The boda boda guy to go ahead and take me to the court. Of course with much pain Nyanjura My comrade and LC5 councilor Makerere informed MRE that it was swelling and needed to go to hospital. I went to the hospital and they found out that my muscles had been dislocated my arm has been bandag

My bandaged arm


Its from here that I say I have no crime that I committed this morning other than giving support to my president. But let me say that I had committed an offence it can’t be instant punishment. I should be taken through a lawful process. This is what government tells us to use courts when they can’t use them. Therefore why should one use courts when our tormentors are using sticks. The next time if I form a ring of men wielding sticks and we sort ourselves with police and other military organs I don’t think any of the Public Will blame my step. I committed no crime I am simply a Besigye supporter



I am one of the Ugandans that have been and are still against the use of military means to bring political change in Uganda. I have been following the political developments in Uganda for the last 10 years. I have participated at a very low level and at the highest level in my capacity. I therefore think that plus what I have read I have enough knowledge to make humble comments on these raising concerns that are hovering over civilians and military officers.
When Besigye was arrested in Kampala town I was at the scene. A happy Besigye, moving with his jubilant crowds jubilating over his surprise appearance in town, the jovial Besigye I know was clamped down his supporters beaten and teargased and driven away later to a chopper and to Moroto now Luzira to cut the story short.
Last week a person I regard my brother and comrade MP Nakawa Micheal Kabaziguraka was arrested and taken to Kireka his house searched. It should be noted that even with their search nothing was found in his house, police and the military remain at his house without giving reason his young son and daughter are suffering at the expense of this poor and illegitimate regime.
The above are simply incidents of the last four months however the bigger problem started before the election as early as 2012. In 2012 a coalition of political parties and civil society organisations came together and demanded for electoral reforms I was part of this campaign. At its climax leaders from all over the country from each sub region of Uganda came to Africana Hotel in Kampala where I represented Kanungu and made their demands for electoral reforms. These reforms were ignored and defied. Government apologists decided to blackmail leaders like Kizza Besigye whose resolve to reforms bred the defiance campaign. To him his campaign was about reforms both politically socially and economically. This campaign has also been busterdized by the dictator to mean destroying people’s property and burning towns of Uganda and lately its treasonous.
Therefore from the word go the 2016 general elections was a rigged election before it started. Government institutions like police army bank of Uganda etc were lowered very down to act as NRM agents. Amidst all this the FDC and Kizza Besigye went ahead and won the elections not only in the civilian communities but also in army, police and other military installations. A midst this confusion Museveni, a former rebel who seized power in 1986 and has ruled Uganda for 30 years was announced “winner” of the election overshadowed by arrests of politicians and rigging it should be noted that before the election result was declared, the military put Besigye under house arrest.
On being overwhelmed Museveni overthrew the people’s voice and vote and committed treason for he used military means to remove a people elected president. With even the compromised judiciary the FDC and Besigye remained a thorn in the fresh that they would never be allowed to appeal since Museveni was aware that the evidence would be so much to handle in court and as such the FDC headquarters were attacked and Besigye surrounded.
Material in terms of declaration forms were confiscated and in addition the FDC agents arrested across the country and this has continued as we miss tens of people every day. This is state inspired violence that any Ugandan worth being called a patriot can’t withstand.
Beisgye and FDC therefore couldn’t have appealed in court. However as peace loving Ugandans they proposed a path that could redirect Uganda to have an election audit to remove the suspicions of the glaring maltpractice. However this has been referred to as treason and Besigye is in Luzira over asking for an audit. It should therefore be noted that since Besigye and the FDC didn’t get any environment to petition we can’t say we had a conclusive election and neither do we have a president that is legitimate. In such conditions then no individual should charge anyone of treason or even a military coup since some soldiers can’t recognise the commander in chief is one.
Brian Atuheire Batenda