Studying In western Uganda 

​You must have studied in Western Uganda if you did handwork using papyrus reeds, walked long distance to school, carried mawolo for lunch, some in banana leaves others in small buckets, if you smeared classrooms with cow dung, parade for checking nvunza and lice,  checking  your teeth and nails, handkerchief,used this herb ekarwe as a toothbrush, used a banana leaf as an umbrella when it rains in the morning on your way to school,  took matooke to school for teachers, caned for late coming, caned for talking in class, caned for mental work, if you used leaves at school as toilet paper  , if you had to put cassava starch on your belts to be stiff, if you ironed your uniform and put that ka butterfly web design on the sleeve, if you would buy a white cotton halfslip and make it longer than the uniform, if you took your books in those bags made of cloth which was the remaining part of the uniform, mwongeleko mbatumide temubalaba kunyilila kati driving posh cars, having posh houses, mbu. Balimukintu hmmm ask me their gyenvudde this is the reason when they meet they love each other like long lost brothers, when other tribes here mbu you are from the land of Milk they think milk flows like a river, from mountain to the valleys.

– combing hair using Obunyagashana

– smoking latrines using ebishansha (okwotera)

– using ebishekashekye   nanebyoganyanja as Toilet paper…

– they tell u  “Tomorrow each pupil should come with a piece of firewood, the next day elephant grass (ekibingo), then the next day bring a hoe for digging…. #are_we_together?

– emigoye yemishinya for making ‘carpets’

– Eh,eshi tukacwa emitembe y’okuruka ebirago!

– Reeru hariyo okuteeka oruhigura omu nkomo ngu abashomesa batakuteera! Eishe! Mbwenu oburogi kabwatandikire ira

– okuteka akabare ahansi yorurimi haaahaa

– ,kandishi Kuta Orutunguru Omukwawa Ngukubarakutere Oyekabise,ziri Zikazitari Nkooni

– They cut pencil into 2,and even put a ka string in it and tie on the uniform for it not to get lost. Even the book is cut before p3

– Making ekirago to sit on because desks were for p.6 n p.7. Being a Mutesi kid i had the worst kirago ever. Kids almost made carpets with banana fibers. 

– Ringing 2 bells. The first one u freeze in one spot to prepare for take off and the second one was for u to run to class. It never made sense to me at all.

– hurutu bags

– Potatoes that have stayed overnight in the hot ash in the kitchen.

– I remember the punishment of wearing a cotton sack for speaking Runyakole in class.