Museveni Finally Achieves Dividing Uganda Into Two

When Rtd. Dr. Kizza Besigye decided to contest in 2001, he made a claim that the movement had lost its broad base and narrowed to petty individualism. He further claimed that Uganda wasn’t the country where people were treated equally; he further alleged that the poor were never to access anything tangible by in the Museveni government. However Museveni and his propagandists rubbished this, they called Besigye a disgruntled man! Without going fair lets only Zero on the young men and women that have passed through UPE since 1996 to date. For my first time I will reason like a disadvantaged NRM youth who went to UPE schools but who wants to contest as an MP!
Many young people joined UPE schools in 1997 few of them managed to complete primary seven as the completion rates of UPE schools remain wanting. Remember completing doesn’t mean passing indeed many of them failed. On the contrary those in the privileged Uganda managed to go to very great schools and were subjected to the same exams with the poor children who they defeated seriously! So, very few of these joined secondary in 2003 with majority of them being the rich children. Automatically system in Uganda allows the rich to go better schools at secondary level than the poor because of the finances, but also the system can’t allow the poor to get good grades to go to better schools. In 2007 few of the UPE boys and girls finished O’ level.
The luckiest ones passed averagely and those whose fathers could manage to sell land to take them to better schools passed better off. So by the time these children went to A’ level around 20% had gone to a UPE school. These children were again subjected to exams in 2009 to go to university. It should be noted that in 2010 the first UPE boys and girls entered university where they were on private scholarships because they couldn’t have gone to Namiryango, Budo, Kitende etc where scooping government scholarship is more simple. After hard work and parents toil with fees at university these children managed to finish compass and graduate in 2014.
These children have therefore been unemployed for a year as they have no connections as the ones from the rich group have continued enjoying the little privileges that there is. Their counterparts can also really gain from their parents for they are well off but also they haven’t sold their properties to give them fees. After this entire hurdle let me think these guys decided to be NRM constantly and thank it even clap hands for the little things it has achieved. NRM has clearly put its guidelines for the nomination of the MPs and again the privileged can pic and our UPE disadvantaged graduates can’t pick the forms simply because 2.5M is simply a high faire whereas their counterparts can pick because they have the money and jobs at times. Simply this shows how the UPE graduates will be ruled by the other clique of the rich since even their competition is hampered.