Why I Support Bemba The ICC Victim As A Hero NOT A Criminal

This week one of the sons of Africa was found guilty by the ICC of committing atrocities against humanity and the young uninformed Africans using social media went on to support the decision of the ICC. I asked them how many had known Bemba and his political expeditions in the DRC. I was one in an ocean of young uninformed youthful Africans who tweet Facebook blog because it’s fun not to educate the society because I am sure that though I have never met Bemba I know him than most people of my age who hardly read or follow events but are quick to comment.
As I discussed with on twitter he quoted BBC as her source I laughed alone at about midnight in my living room for I found that she couldn’t contemplate that BBC, CNN, Radio, and Radio France and other western media are like NRM in Uganda and UBC. I found out that young African can’t recognize that the assassination of people like Lumumba, Sankara and the overthrow of Nkrumah were the politics of the 1960s to 80s but now they have formalized it into courts like ICC to hunt our Africans notwithstanding the indiscipline of our leaders. To tell the truth I first heard of the name Bemba in 2002 as a P.6 Pupil and since then I have followed carefully his actions and what he had done and to me he is a great man not the criminal talked about by the European powers.
It was in 2002, President Ange-Félix Patassé of the Central African Republic invited Bemba to come to his country and put down a coup attempt. I have always known the foreign countries to be against coups but they were not against this particular one. Reasons why are well known by themselves they instead accused Bemba fighters of committing atrocities against civilians in the course of this conflict. A conflict that was unnecessary had they condemned the coup attempt.
From then I was again to follow more interesting the Bemba who was one of 33 candidates who ran in the Congolese presidential elections in 2006. His main campaign slogan — “One Hundred Percent Congolese” — was widely perceived as an attack on frontrunner President Joseph Kabila which made me support Kabila who I believe is not Congolese like Bemba believes.
During the campaign, after opponents claimed that he had eaten pygmies during fighting in 2002, Bemba responded to and denied allegations of cannibalism “These are lies which have come from the highest levels of government…The pygmies are alive and well.” Indeed they were well and alive and up today they live well in DRC and CAR
Bemba received substantial support in the western, Lingala-speaking portion of the country, including the capital, Kinshasa. Following the vote there was significant tension as to whether the results would give Kabila a majority of the vote, in which case there would not be a second round against Bemba, who was perceived as Kabila’s main opponent. (this was election rigging in brief something I will die fighting against whether in my country or away)
However putting that aside according to results announced on 20 August, Kabila won 44% of the vote and Bemba won 20% and therefore the two faced each other in a second round, held on October 29. The electoral commission announced the official results on November 15, naming Kabila the winner with 58.05% of the vote; Bemba’s supporters have alleged fraud which was really openly seen like our case in Uganda by an incumbent in Africa succumbs to 58% he has been defeated
On November 27, 2006, the Supreme Court of the DRC rejected the fraud charges brought by Bemba, and confirmed Kabila as the new elected Congolese President as its going to happen in the Ugandan case. A day later, Bemba said that he disagreed with the court’s decision, but that “in the greater national interest and to preserve peace and to save the country from chaos and violence”, he would participate in the system by leading the political opposition (showing how peaceful the man is!) Bemba Instead would run for a Senate seat from Kinshasa in the January 2007 senatorial election and he succeeded in winning a seat.
A dispute over Bemba’s personal guard led to an outbreak of fighting near Bemba’s residence in Kinshasa on March 22, 2007. Bemba’s guard did not obey a March 15 deadline to register at a military base in order to be incorporated into the military, with a spokesperson for Bemba citing concerns about his security. In the fighting, a number of people, including both soldiers and civilians, were reported killed. Bemba called for a ceasefire and negotiations and took refuge in the South African embassy. (another sign of peace that can’t be reported by BBC) As fighting continued on March 23, it was announced that a warrant for Bemba’s arrest had been issued, accusing him of high treason.
Although Bemba enjoyed immunity as a senator, the country’s chief prosecutor said that he would ask parliament to remove it. Bemba blamed the government for the fighting, said that it sought to kill him, and said that he would not surrender. Later on the same day, government forces were reported to have regained control of most of the city. According to one estimate, up to 600 people were killed in the fighting led by Kabila forces that have never faced the ICC which claims to dispense justice
On March 26, Kabila said that security could not be guaranteed through negotiation and referred to the importance of restoring order. He characterized the dispute as a military one and said that Bemba could not be above the law; he also claimed that Bemba’s guards had tried to take over Kinshasa. Bemba warned of the potential for dictatorship and said that he might go into exile due to his security concerns.
According to Bemba, the fighting had started as a result of an assassination attempt against him by soldiers who had surrounded his house. Hundreds of fighters loyal to Bemba, both in Kinshasa and the north of the country, reportedly surrendered following the fighting to be integrated into the arm.
Late in the month it was reported that Bemba planned to travel to Portugal for treatment of a broken leg; he had already received treatment for his leg there in previous months. The Portuguese ambassador subsequently said on March 30 that Bemba was expected to go to Portugal for treatment, but was not going into exile there. The Senate approved the trip, for a period of 60 days, on April 9; Bemba promised to avoid politics while in Portugal. On April 11, Bemba left the South African embassy and was taken to the airport by U.N. MONUC forces, then flown out of the country to Portugal, along with his wife and children. On April 12, the attorney general, Tshimanga Mukeba, said that he had requested that the Senate remove Bemba’s immunity. This was political persecution that all opposition in Africa and to me the Congolese government has joined those who killed Lumumba to kill Bemba for the young Africans better read and follow the African po0litics before you make blatant statement that are very uninformed


It’s The Citizens At Trial NOT The Government

On 17th evening I boarded a bus headed for kanungu to vote for my candidate Kizza Besigye. I reached Kihiihi early morning of 18th went home greeted my good parents and went to vote. By noon I was already planning my journey back to Kampala to celebrate the victory of my candidate I wanted to be part of this historic event. I came checking on the results and the mood of the people from Kihiihi to Mbarara where I reached at about 10pm people were talking about how Besigye had won! When I reached my room I put on my TV and Kigundu was reading different results. I was in the morning going to the party headquarters and I found soldiers with naked bullets all over the roads and streets of Kampala the city was quite but soldiers patrolled the city very tightly. In brief our voice as a people had been stolen a coup d’état had taken place. Museveni was defeated in the election and he overthrew the power of the people and reinstated himself with a gun. The photographs of 19th Feb and days onwards were the exact ones of 1971 when Amin took power using the gun. But surprisingly Amin celebrated in the city because may be he had popular support Museveni dint because he knew people had not voted him. As I try my daily duties when I meet any citizens he or she tells me of how government is at trial. However I think government is not at trial it’s you the citizens at trial you both stand up and defend the votes you casted or the junta will rule us forcefully. Remember the president elect is incarcerated without any one mentioning and being sure when he will be free. It’s a must that you organize and free him and free your, vote free your country. If we don’t do this our children shall live in these horrible conditions better wakeup and do something for freedom is every ones right accepting to live under oppression is slavery.