Ukraine President: Forces ‘Helpless’ To Quell Unrest In Regions Bordering Russia


HORLIVKA, Ukraine (CBS News/CBSDC/AP) — Ukraine’s police and security forces are “helpless” to quell unrest in two eastern regions bordering Russia, and in some cases are cooperating with pro-Russian gunmen who have seized scores of government buildings and taken people hostage, the country’s president said Wednesday.

Oleksandr Turchynov said the goal now was to prevent the agitation from spreading to other territories.

“I will be frank: Today, security forces are unable to quickly take the situation in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions under control,” Turchynov said at a meeting with regional governors.

“The security bodies … are unable to carry out their duties of protecting citizens. They are helpless in those matters. Moreover, some of those units are either helping or cooperating with terrorist organizations.”

Turchynov instructed the governors to try to prevent the threat from spreading to more central and southern regions.

He spoke hours after pro-Russian gunmen seized…

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Cats and Chocolate

‘Shakespeare and Company is a winding, twisting, climbing labyrinth of books, a literary commune, a shelter for writers, a refuge for book lovers. It is–as my father, George Whitman, said–“a novel in three words.” – Sylvia Whitman.


At Kilometer Zero in Paris, the road at which all roads in France begin, is a façade recognised the world over to bibliophiles and aspiring writers. In a little square with forest green railings, two little trees and a string of multicoloured lights swooping across, George Whitman’s ode to books and writers filled me with joy. I haven’t felt this excited about a bookshop since I first stepped into Foyles (which is a Mecca of books, whilst Shakespeare and Co is a maze of books). If there was ever a spiritual home for book lovers – this is it.


On first stepping into the bookshop, my eyes were drawn towards the vertiginous stacks…

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The Moral Cost of Travel

Cody Delistraty

It was in Paradise Lost that John Milton introduced the notion that Adam and Eve ate an apple from the Tree of Knowledge (thus explaining why your “knowledgeable” elementary school teachers may have had the infamous symbol sitting on their desks).The writers of Genesis left the forbidden fruit unspecified, but scholars have since claimed it could have been a grape, possibly a fig, even a pomegranate. Whatever it was exactly, the first Biblical book is clear that its consumption is the ultimate sin — and ever since the Western world has equated knowledge with a loss of innocence. Banned from Eden, the original sinners were also the original knowledge seekers, and the idea that understanding means corruption is widespread — oft-seen in dubiously well-known phrases like “Ignorance is bliss.”

Throughout history, innocence has been lost when new knowledge is gained, and the most common way for that to happen is by…

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In case you missed it…because you were busy working hard on your laziness

Ben's Bitter Blog

In-Case-You-Missed-It-LogoBecause you were busy being lazy.

People get busy on the weekend.  I get it, there’s a lot of fun and laziness to pack into 2 days.  Until the weekend gets longer and the work week gets shorter, (I’m working with Obama on that) there is always going to be a lot of pressure to get in all the laziness and slacking in.  So, of course, I understand why you couldn’t possibly take the time to read everything from last week.  I’m not bitter about it all.  But, seeing that I have nothing better to do (I do have a nap scheduled for later), I will recap the week for you.  You are ssoooo welcome.

First up from last week, the Alphabet. The Alphabet in its current iteration has had its run for long enough.  It’s time for a new set of letters to take over.  An upgrade, a 2.0. …

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The people of Africa and the world have been morning one of the sons of the African continent that played an important role in the fight against apartheid. That had put South African citizens mostly the blacks to be taken as slaves in their motherland and this was because of white domination in both their economic, social, political status

In his book long walk to freedom he was first insighted during his circumcision where the chief that presided over the function spoke about land that was grabbed by the white man that had made the blacks slaves on their own land. But because Mandela was young, he was unbothered but he started being inquisitive and because the abuses put by the white man were wall paintings Mandela started to understand that indeed the white man was worth fighting from lower intensities to the highest intensities in which struggle he met his imprisonment for 27 years.

As he entered prison in all his speeches in campaigns and courts of law his argument and the cause of his imprisonment was to fight for the blacks such that it could get social, economic and political privileges but after 27 years in jail the Mandela came out as a reconciliatory and a forgiving individual which was good but the question remained because of these two traits that he had developed since the two according to the white man meant that there was no revenge which according to the white meant that MADIBA was not to ask them to return the properties.

The result of this is that the political power was delivered by this great man without economic and social benefits to his people for example the law might have not allowed the blacks to go to certain shops, schools, hospitals etc. But as we talk now they will not go there because they are poor and unable to pay for these services as the whites who took their fore fathers properties by force use the properties to get the services as the real south Africans suffer in the SOWETO with poverty, diseases and lack of services and many other indicators of poor standards of living meaning that MADIBA won a battle and not a war in totality.

So portraying  his struggle as the final struggle is aimed at diverting blacks from continuing to fight for their properties as Boers continue to dominate the economic and social aspects of life that have  interfered with the political status of the country hence even affecting South African leaders to run on the whims of these Boers for example Jacob Zuma’s campaigns  and manifesto included nationalization but after winning he, changed and the nationalization talk was swallowed because the Boers who own the economy in which these blacks live therefore Mandela won a battle but never won the ultimate war and therefore the blacks of my generation should not sit and feel comfortable as these abuses continue as the Boers have started entering the ANC and running according to what they want an example is the expulsion of Julius Malema who was expelled from the ANC not because he was indisplined but to my own view it was because he thought about the abuses the Boers had continued to press on south Africans overtime that’s why his song shot the Boers is portrayed to be more racial segregate than the abuses they have continued to anlish to the south Africans indirectly because of the social economic segregation  and his campaign is almost what Mandela had in the 1960s

In conclusion the struggle for the liberation should continue and Mandela can only be thanked for praying his role in his time such that the young South Africans start from where he stopped

Brian Atuheire Batenda

Student Makerere university kampala


                                       LOAN SCHEME NOT FOR THE POOR AND NEEDY

It is a pure myth that the loan scheme will help the needy as put and claimed by government in a bid to make students access university education. This is because the government, that is for the few is providing loan scheme to let their agenda to neglect and create the poor class in society yield grow.  And in view I can justify with the following reasons

The needy in Uganda accessing university education are like the camel passing through an eye of a needle. This is because the needy start in UPE schools where it’s clear that their completion rates are very low.  Very few of those who complete go to secondary with very poor grades and because of the poor grades and inability to raise fees they again join very poor secondary schools that finally make them have very poor grades at O’level.

 Then small number of these go to A’level to schools that never teach sciences in this case because the schools cannot manage laboratory equipments and manage paying science teachers. Meaning if one considers the courses government says are for national development then theses needy poor Ugandans cannot access these loans since they will be competitive and mainly going to science based courses that these poor needy Ugandans cannot access and in any case if they do they can’t pass the sciences

The above has been the aim of the systems in government to my thinking to eliminate a certain class of people because as it was in the 60s and 70s villagers would come to Makerere and get higher education. Unlike today where almost 100 schools take the science slots available at the university leaving the others uncatered for.

Now the loan scheme that is also for science based students will favor those that would have passed sciences at A’level but failed to get government sponsorship and to be real these will be the students from rich families who can take their sons and daughters to schools with laboratories and not under trees and halls which are made of papyrus where the poor study from.

All the above will make the government scheme and loan scheme look more alike because when one looks at the lists of the government schemes mainly those in science at Makerere university where I am a student one finds that 30% of medical students have gone through St. Mary’s college Kitende and Namugongo making the two schools the most prominent at Medical school this reflects pure national imbalance in terms of academics.  And for the poor because using these examples fees paid in these schools cannot be managed by the poor and the needy. So the loan scheme will address the ones from similar schools who would have performed slightly badly but would have passed enough to gain these loan schemes.

The poor and the needy on the other hand would have been favored if government sponsorship would have been removed together with state house scholarship and this coming loan scheme to subsidize the education fees at tertially institutions  because there a poor student can meet this tax payers money irrespective of the course he or she does. So from the above the scheme will again go to students who can afford university fees with the criteria given and not to the needy and the poor as portrayed.

In conclusion this is another myth put by the Museveni  government in a bid to wood wink the poor Ugandans.



The Author is a Student at Makerere University Kampala