On 18th of October like any other day I woke up and joined the POA team that was heading to Rukungiri for a rally. We moved and reached Rukungiri people were happy to meet the team. They had seen and felt that people whom they shared values and feelings about our beloved country had come to talk to them. They therefore decided to sing the national anthem. I felt well for I was seeing very patriotic citizens who were expressing themselves jubilantly but Museveni and his guns seemed to have decided that singing the national anthem was criminal. They started shooting using live ammunition and at the end these fools killed a young man in his early 20s (Nasasira Edson). They killed him in cold blood and many others were injured. It should be noted that police had cleared the rally. The blood thirsty regime police force decided to take the body of the dead to Kanungu Kambuga hospital leaving better furnished hospitals in Rukungiri because they wanted to make a claim that this young man had been killed by a stone! However as days went by it was proved it was a bullet the one who shot hasn’t been brought to book. On the 19th we checked on the wounded comrades and headed to Kabale where we were supposed to have the second regional rally. However we were intercepted and 9 people were arrested. Basing on their judgement Kiiza Besigye, Ingrid Turinawe, Patrick Amuriat, and Tashobya innocent were driven to Kampala. Kato Fred, Muhinda Ronald, Rubarondesa, Matsiko Baker and myself were arrested and detained at Kabale police station without charge where we were released three days. We then headed to Kampala and checked on our comrades who were under illegal detention in Nagalama. It was on Tuesday evening 24th that I was informed about the transfer of the comrades that were arrested in Nagalama to Rukungiri. I made arrangements to move to Rukungiri to secure their freedom from the unjust regime. Through the night I moved I reached court at about 6am (since I am used to courts being cordoned off whenever the people’s president is in court) i.e. courts are no longer public whenever there is a case to be heard against some people in this country. They were charged and given bail. What I have always known is that bail is part of the freedom court can give Then police decided to detain the suspects who had been freed by court. They parked in the court premises for about 6 hours. It was about 6:30 that hell broke, the artillery that had been parked across the road was brought nearer the car in which our leaders were was paper sprayed and water cannons containing paper spray and teargas were now put to use. It became a war zone a Mogadishu of sorts everywhere was paper and teargas sprays gun sounds were so intense. A police officer moved towards the court shade he told me to leave the shade and run I knew he wanted to shoot me and claim I was refusing arrest. When he insisted that I leave, I instead gave him my hands and told him not to send me to fire but rather arrest me and take to safe custody. Annoyed and frustrated he hit my heels I was down in seconds, he used his military shoes to hit my head caused bruises and paper sprayed in the bruises he further hit my leg and caused a wound on my leg and added pepper sprayed it. He wasn’t satisfied because I remain silent in all this torture. My reason for my silence was because when I decided to participate in the struggle to make Uganda a democratic country 8 years ago I knew it wasn’t going to be a wedding party for me. I knew I was going to fight with gun wielding men who aren’t emotional because theirs is about regime survival. They never consider anything logical minus what the head of the rogue regime instructs. I think he wasn’t satisfied with his two escorts they pepper sprayed all my ears and covered me with the whood I was putting on beating me they led me into the van where they always arrest Dr. Besiggye from. When I entered the car since I couldn’t see the police goons decided to hit me in the abdomen and in the ribs that went on for about 5 minutes. I knew I was dead at the hands of these military men. With bruises all over and pepper all over my body it was a burning sensation I was in pain and wailing the people that are used to my brave and courageous ways like Nyanjura Doreen Must have been shocked. I was then locked in a police covered pickup with Hon Patric Amuriat. I was then taken Kampala CPS and arrested for two days and then to Kireka where the three of us recorded statements and we were taken to Jinja Road Police station. We then decided to undergo hunger strike and we had spent three days without taking anything protesting illegal detention. That’s however what it takes to fight a dictator like the one we have. I want to thank those that gave me food, medicine and other forms of support I won’t mention names because you were many and looked determined to have me free. I am partially free for now I promise that I will continue to fight for full freedom of all Ugandans I won’t turn back. For the moment Togikwatako