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I Respect You Gen David Tinyefuza aka SEJJUSA

Today we start another day in our history as country. We have managed to see a four star general being tried by a two star general. I am not much knowledgeable on military matters since my orientation can’t allow me join a formal army. But it was hurting to me as a humble knowledgeable man, a responsible father a husband and above all a revolutionary soldier entered the Makindye court martial not to only face his juniors but to be tormented. Seated having lunch my face turned.
I continued to look at the general and his lawyers and he was still very calm. Articulate as usual the brilliant solider who is a lawyer by profession refused to take plea. My heart was relieved he went forward and explained his ordeal and the need for a better Uganda. I was energized as he concluded and gave to his juniors what history will write. He told them that cell in which he was being detained in at Makindye was opposite cell Number 4 where Amin had arrested him then it was a cell where people call No return that’s where he escaped from and entered the NRA revolution I hope.
My mind then was tickled to think further and I remembered that he is not a simple man to joke with. He read his books, he is a 61 year old who has fought wars won some and lost some like any other human being. That aside I remembered the letter that he wrote before he left for the London Exile he wrote in part
“… the reason I have written this letter, is in regard to the very serious allegations that have appeared in the press that IGP, Brig. MK, Gen. SS, one Kellen and others hatched an evil and extrajudicial plan of stage-managing the attack on Mbuya barracks [in March] so as to frame some senior members of this government especially I, [Prime Minister] Amama Mbabazi and CDF, Gen. Aronda and those perceived to be anti-Brig. Muhoozi project.
Assassination allegations
“Further, you need to investigate the very serious claims that the same actors are re-organising elements of former Wembley under one police officer Ayegasire Nixon to assassinate people who disagree with this so-called family project of holding onto power in perpetuity,” he writes. Operation Wembley was a joint security response set up by the President Museveni in 2002 to combat run-away violent crime in Kampala and other parts of the country.
Gen. Sejusa writes that “indeed intelligence has picked some clandestine actions by this reckless and rather naïve actors to have some youth recruited as rebels and then frame some members of security services and key politicians perceived as anti-establishment.”
The people he wrote in the above extract one of them is dead (Gen. Aronda Nyakirima) the other one is a candidate in the presidential election (Amama Mbabazi) who has suffered. It’s true that what he wrote in that letter was not a mere speculation but that was the truth.