Dear gallant young unemployed patriots, congratulations upon the recent launch of the registration of unemployed Ugandans. It is a revolutionary act. Your actions have made Government functionaries sweat plasma trying to prove to whoever cares to listen how your efforts will come to naught. Continue reading OPEN LETTER TO THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF THE UNEMPLOYED


Corrupt Leaders’ Greed Deprives an Entire Life’s Dream from their Young People.

this is great our generation can fight this curse

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A young man peaceful shuns corruption in Uganda. A young man peaceful shuns corruption in Uganda.

No one knows how corruption looks like until it hits them with roads with potholes, hospitals without drugs, ghosts living among humans with the abilities of drawing wages every month from public payrolls. African governments have failed to inculcate systems of accountability to help them to serve their citizens who pay taxes. Many African countries have strong men who don’t want to leave power through peaceful means. Uganda since its independence has never handed power from one president to another peaceful, from one to another they have all been aided by the sound of the gun and oozing bullets. Women and young children have continued to be the victims of political greed that has always taken drained a country with lots of potential from its climate to natural resources Uganda seems to be stuck in the narrative of ‘Africa is Rising’. 

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Mr. Museveni has lost track and though we have made our alarm people have taken him to be normal but I have to say that he is total disgrace because the last comments he made that studying arts is useless was an insult not only the country but to himself who I understand is a student of arts and in particular politics saying that arts men of this country cannot solve anything literarily means that himself cant add anything to this country hence explaining the thirty years mismanagement

Before I go further let me first look into his family education background himself studied political science a typical arts course. His wife Janet Kataha Museveni studied stenography and here there is no sorting whether one has studied science or not. His son Muhoozi Keinerugaba who never went to the university is not a scientist. Patience who works as a pastor is another undefined fellow, Diana is just a housewife who can’t talk academics, then finally Natasha who is in clothing all these children of Mr. Museveni have never been to university to a study a single arts course not because the arts courses are useless but his children couldn’t qualify!

Am not talking with this voice to defend arts men because am not one but as a student of science and in particular ethnobotany I know the importance arts men have. And from his speech am scared that the parents who have not gone to school could remove all their sons and daughters from studying arts because they have heard that arts courses are useless from the president such can lead to our sisters and brothers not to have university education which in the long run can render them useless not like his daughters and son who are able to enter into government structures because their dad is a president. And if all Ugandans were capable of uniting together mostly arts men he would have said this as the last time to say it when he is president!