On 18th of October like any other day I woke up and joined the POA team that was heading to Rukungiri for a rally. We moved and reached Rukungiri people were happy to meet the team. They had seen and felt that people whom they shared values and feelings about our beloved country had come to talk to them. They therefore decided to sing the national anthem. I felt well for I was seeing very patriotic citizens who were expressing themselves jubilantly but Museveni and his guns seemed to have decided that singing the national anthem was criminal. They started shooting using live ammunition and at the end these fools killed a young man in his early 20s (Nasasira Edson). They killed him in cold blood and many others were injured. It should be noted that police had cleared the rally. The blood thirsty regime police force decided to take the body of the dead to Kanungu Kambuga hospital leaving better furnished hospitals in Rukungiri because they wanted to make a claim that this young man had been killed by a stone! However as days went by it was proved it was a bullet the one who shot hasn’t been brought to book. On the 19th we checked on the wounded comrades and headed to Kabale where we were supposed to have the second regional rally. However we were intercepted and 9 people were arrested. Basing on their judgement Kiiza Besigye, Ingrid Turinawe, Patrick Amuriat, and Tashobya innocent were driven to Kampala. Kato Fred, Muhinda Ronald, Rubarondesa, Matsiko Baker and myself were arrested and detained at Kabale police station without charge where we were released three days. We then headed to Kampala and checked on our comrades who were under illegal detention in Nagalama. It was on Tuesday evening 24th that I was informed about the transfer of the comrades that were arrested in Nagalama to Rukungiri. I made arrangements to move to Rukungiri to secure their freedom from the unjust regime. Through the night I moved I reached court at about 6am (since I am used to courts being cordoned off whenever the people’s president is in court) i.e. courts are no longer public whenever there is a case to be heard against some people in this country. They were charged and given bail. What I have always known is that bail is part of the freedom court can give Then police decided to detain the suspects who had been freed by court. They parked in the court premises for about 6 hours. It was about 6:30 that hell broke, the artillery that had been parked across the road was brought nearer the car in which our leaders were was paper sprayed and water cannons containing paper spray and teargas were now put to use. It became a war zone a Mogadishu of sorts everywhere was paper and teargas sprays gun sounds were so intense. A police officer moved towards the court shade he told me to leave the shade and run I knew he wanted to shoot me and claim I was refusing arrest. When he insisted that I leave, I instead gave him my hands and told him not to send me to fire but rather arrest me and take to safe custody. Annoyed and frustrated he hit my heels I was down in seconds, he used his military shoes to hit my head caused bruises and paper sprayed in the bruises he further hit my leg and caused a wound on my leg and added pepper sprayed it. He wasn’t satisfied because I remain silent in all this torture. My reason for my silence was because when I decided to participate in the struggle to make Uganda a democratic country 8 years ago I knew it wasn’t going to be a wedding party for me. I knew I was going to fight with gun wielding men who aren’t emotional because theirs is about regime survival. They never consider anything logical minus what the head of the rogue regime instructs. I think he wasn’t satisfied with his two escorts they pepper sprayed all my ears and covered me with the whood I was putting on beating me they led me into the van where they always arrest Dr. Besiggye from. When I entered the car since I couldn’t see the police goons decided to hit me in the abdomen and in the ribs that went on for about 5 minutes. I knew I was dead at the hands of these military men. With bruises all over and pepper all over my body it was a burning sensation I was in pain and wailing the people that are used to my brave and courageous ways like Nyanjura Doreen Must have been shocked. I was then locked in a police covered pickup with Hon Patric Amuriat. I was then taken Kampala CPS and arrested for two days and then to Kireka where the three of us recorded statements and we were taken to Jinja Road Police station. We then decided to undergo hunger strike and we had spent three days without taking anything protesting illegal detention. That’s however what it takes to fight a dictator like the one we have. I want to thank those that gave me food, medicine and other forms of support I won’t mention names because you were many and looked determined to have me free. I am partially free for now I promise that I will continue to fight for full freedom of all Ugandans I won’t turn back. For the moment Togikwatako


The real dangers of genetically engineered foods

DNA is a natural part of our diet being present in foods which either
retain or are derived from whole cells (fruits, vegetables, meat etc.).
This being the case it would be expected that we would also digest the DNA
from Genetically engineered foods without any health problems. It would therefore appear that
the mere presence of genetic material in GE food only poses a danger in
certain special cases as, for example, where antibiotic resistance genes
persist in a product. However, the main hazards that result from the use of
genetic engineering in food production stem from the fact that (i) genetic
engineering brings about combinations of genes that would never occur
naturally and (ii), in the case of plants and animals, genetic engineering
is an imprecise technology resulting in the random incorporation of the new
genes into the host DNA. These two effects always combine to produce a totally unpredictable disturbance in host genetic function as well as in that of the introduced gene. The resulting disturbance in the biochemistry of the host can unexpectedly produce novel toxins, allergens and reduced nutritional value. Therefore, it is quite possible for a processed food in which the DNA has been destroyed or removed to still possess potentially harmful substances. A few examples will help to illustrate this point.

In the USA in 1989 a total of 5000 individuals became ill after consuming
an amino acid tryptophan health food supplement derived from Genetically engineered bacteria. Out of these, 37 died and 1500 became permanently disabled with sickness.

It is still debated as to whether the presence of the toxin was a direct
result of the genetic engineering or due to sloppy manufacturing procedures. Nevertheless, if this product was produced today it would be subject to health risk assessment since it is derived from a novel process; that is, Genetically engineered bacteria. Since this tryptophan was greater than 99% pure and devoid of DNA, it would be passed as substantially equivalent to the same substance obtained from non-engineered organisms. In other words if it was marketed today, the same tragedy would result as the pre-clinical and carefully monitored clinical type trials that are required to detect novel toxins of the type that was produced would be seen as unnecessary and no labelling would be required. It is also important to note that the suspected novel toxin which caused all the problems was present at less
than 0.1% of the final product that went on sale. Interestingly, in 1996 the ACNFP approved the marketing of riboflavin (vitamin B2) derived from Genetically Engineered bacteria with only contaminants present at greater than 0.1% being required to be identified. Therefore, by these criteria the toxin present in the
tryptophan would not have attracted any attention or concern.

Many yeast strains are being engineered to have a higher metabolism and as
a result, enhanced fermentation properties in processes such as bread
baking and beer production. However, an investigation of Genetically Engineered yeast containing extra copies of genes involved in the metabolism of glucose, found that they also accumulate a highly toxic and mutagenic substance known as methylglyoxal. The authors of this study warn that careful thought should be given to the nature and safety of metabolic products when Genetically Engineered yeast are used in food-related fermentation processes especially since
current risk assessments based upon the principle of substantial equivalence are unlikely to detect any harmful substances.

A number of oil seed crops (especially oilseed rape), are being engineered
to have an altered oil composition for either “enhanced nutritional value”
or industrial use. Genetically Engineered oilseed rape, for example, with a high lauric acid content is being grown in North America and is currently being reviewed by the EU for cultivation in Europe. Oil from this crop will end up in a diverse range of products such as soap and confectionery.

In a research study where a bacterial gene (6-esaturase) had been inserted into tobacco plants, not only was the desired and nutritionally important gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) produced but also octadecatetraenoic acid (OTA).
Although OTA is useful in a number of industrial processes (e.g. wax and plastic manufacture), it is highly toxic.

A large percentage of the porcine and bovine growth hormone produced from
GE bacteria was found to possess an amino acid modification (?-N-acetyllysine ), which not only rendered it useless but potentially
harmful if injected into pigs or cattle.

Finally, there is also one indirect health risk that arises from herbicide and pest resistant Genetically Engineered crops which must be taken into account but which has not adequately been addressed by the regulators. There is no data presented as to the fate of the herbicide or pesticide within the plant. Does it remain stable within the plant tissues? If it is degraded, what are the products that are produced and what health risks do they pose? Higher levels of herbicide are clearly expected to be present since Monsanto applied (and was granted both in the USA and Europe), that the permitted residual levels of Roundup in their Roundup Ready range of GE crops (soya,
maize, sugar beet, oilseed rape) be increased from 6mg to 20mg per kilogram
dry weight.

The inadequacy of substantial equivalence

These examples illustrate the fact that a product derived from a Genetically Engineered organism (bacteria, yeast or plant), can be devoid of genetic material but can still unexpectedly contain potentially harmful alterations to a Genetically Engineered product, a novel toxin or elevated levels of a known hazardous substance.
The current systems for assessing the health risks of Genetically engineered foods do not appear to have fully taken into account this unpredictability of genetic engineering technology. At present it is only required that the amounts of
a few known components (nutrients, allergens and natural toxins) be
measured in order for substantial equivalence to be established. When
viewed from a fundamental genetics standpoint, the manner in which the
principle of substantial equivalence is being applied would appear to be
conceptually flawed. Since genetic engineering has the potential to
unexpectedly produce novel toxins and allergens, the assessment of only
known constituents is insufficient.
This problem is further compounded by the fact that each analytical technique that is used possesses it’s own limitations. Unless one fortuitously chose an analytical method that happened to detect a novel compound in the Genetically Engineered food, it can quite easily be missed even if present in abundance. As a result, since one cannot specifically test for an unknown health hazard, it is clear that only by applying pharmacological-type
toxicity testing can the risks of Genetically Engineered foods be adequately assessed. If a new drug is produced via genetically engineered organisms then it must quite
rightly go through pre-clinical tests in animals to assess acute toxicity
and, more importantly, extensive clinical trials in human volunteers to not
only determine efficacy, but also to detect any unexpected effects of the product including unknown toxins resulting from the production process.
Given that the same imprecise technology is used to produce Genetically Engineered foods in general then surely the same rules should apply for both. Clearly a double
standards situation exists which needs rectifying.

Pharmacological toxicity testing is designed to assess adverse effects of a
product in a very general manner regardless of whether it is a single
substance or a complex mixture and can therefore equally be applied to Genetically Engineered
foods as well as drugs.


Fellow country men today 9th octob/ er 2017 marks 55 years since Uganda the pearl of Africa became independent as a country.
The people of Tooro region want to thank God for bringing us this far, And more importantly thank each one person who was involved in the struggle for our independence, the people who composed the national anthem and our motto ‛ FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY’ respectively👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿 R.I.P.
Today Tooro is “Mourning” and as leaders youth and concerned citizens of this region feel too much pain in our hearts because our leaders at national lever are repeating the very mistakes that were made during our time, our generation has been locked up in waiting room/ mode since 2006 when the president museveni promised to retire Peacefully to give a way for a peaceful transition of power from one president to another which has been a dream to all to all ugandans but all in vain.
Our economy is bleeding seriously, and its a miracle to find and Government institution that is independent but only hijacked by mafias , systems breakdown at all levels is the order of the day.
The question is how long shall we keep waiting?
Promises broken time and again.
Article one of the constitution of power being with the people and the preamble to the constitution recalls the history of Uganda being characterized by tyranny and bad Governance and that’s what the 1995 constitution came to cure.
Article 3. Of our constitution gives every ugandan a right to protect and defend the constitution and its upon this background that we stand with both our religious leaders Rt Rev Bishop kisembo Reuben Amooti, Rt Rev Bishop muhiirwa Robert Akiiki and political leaders Hon Alex Ruhunda , Hon Abaas Agaba, Hon Rwabwogo sylivia to safeguard the constitution of the republic of uganda not to be raped again.
Let’s keep the only safety valve 102 (b) in our beloved constitution .
We call upon every peace loving citizen of Tooro and uganda as a whole, other religious leaders , Elders , senior citizens , University and tertiary institutions to come out in big numbers and defend our constitution jealously.
Our generation is not going to run to the bush with guns let’s save Uganda from shading blood again.
Age limit removal is a national issue above our political parties so let’s not look at party colours but rather National Flag colours🇺🇬🇺🇬🇺🇬🇺🇬🇺🇬🇺🇬. We therefore declare every Friday a Red Ribbon day for Tooro!!!! Put on Red Ribbons
Red lipstick
Red Necklaces
Red shirts
Red T-shirts
Red Neck tie
Red shoes
Red bags
To show solidarity in this nobel cause


It should be noted that Plans to create a new constitution under NRM leadership started with the establishment of a Ministry of Constitutional Affairs in 1986. The ministry did very little until 1989, when a constitutional commission was formed. So instead of such a ministry doing groundwork and preparing citizens they simply kept very silent on the matters they were supposed to work on. This was intended to keep the citizens with hope when there was nothing because what was the reason to of having a ministry to keep the constitution and the law when literally decrees were the ones working!

The appointment of members of the constitutional commission is another factor to look into for it was ad hoc and done in batches. Some members who were appointed by the minister for constitutional affairs were not approved by the president, and some were appointed by the president without approval of the minister, as the Uganda Constitutional Commission Act of 1988 required. Therefore Museveni bleached rules for self interest during the early stages of the process. This was done for he wanted control over the commission to do for him anything he wanted

The composition of the commission is also questioned because it simply had one DP member (most probably he was the founder of good DP) but otherwise the body was made up of strong supporters of the Movement system. It included both the political commissar of the NRM and his counterpart in the National Resistance Army (NRA). The commission was headed by Justice Ben Odoki, under the direction of the minister of constitutional affairs, and was financed by the government, which gave the executive additional leverage in running the commission. Those who cannot pay for their operation and week institution can never have sovereign decisions and such was the commission we expected to have and give us fairness.

The Constituency Assembly (CA) composition, while composing the CA Museveni made sure that he had control over the assembly such that anything could pass that he wanted and he insured it through the following measures;

Women representatives In the name of emancipating women during the elections of members every district in Uganda was to send one representative to the CA. These women were elected by electoral colleges that were closely associated with the NRM (Resistance Council Veterans). I can’t and no one should ever see these members seen as having the mandate of the people. This was a machination to have women representatives that would stamp his requests. These are the days ‘all women belonged to Museveni’

Museveni also got other 10 members who were simply presidential nominees these were NRM members who were given parliamentary seats most likely in recognition of their role in the guerrilla war that brought Museveni into power.

Army representatives; the army became special interest group and were allowed to enter parliament as law makers during the constituency assembly the method of choosing was also a funny one because the NRA didn’t vote. The representatives were given marks basing almost on their history not to allow trouble causers in the CA. The militarisation therefore is not is not in the enforcements of our constitution but rather its part of it since its formation.

The last blow is when the remainder of the delegates that were to be chosen were to chosen without a party while the Movement had a fully fledged secretariat that tagged people movement and partysts, these were harassed and rigged by the Akabwayi electoral commission. There was massive bribery and the partysts were defeated leaving the CA in the hands of the dictator. Therefore from this composition anyone who would expect a working constitution long lost the script.
Finally after Museveni doing all this, he further went ahead to control debate in the CA and the final outcome therefore. To me this was a personal document that had an architect who would demolish at anytime he wants and that’s what we have!
In conclusion therefore knowing that there was no time Uganda’s constitution making exercise was a neutral and open process, free of manipulation; the entire exercise was part of a broader political agenda of those in power who sought to use the new constitution to remain in power at all costs I would advise the young people not to only reform this house on the bad foundation. The only solution being to demolish the bad house and build using metals and the right rations of cement for however much we remain with this foundation we can never have what the people of this country owns of course in the meantime we should continue to push for reforms but at the back of your minds you should know we are rather working for a constitutional overhaul.


My leadership will be on four issues.
1.Party cohesion reason is that I have not conflicted with anybody. Because I come with clean hands I will be speaking to everybody. Conflicts are going to be the matters of the party. I will resolve rather than fuel conflicts.

2. Reclaiming our victory. We have oriented people to put pressure on the regime change. We have chances with the age limit. We are going to do This through defiance. Museveni is is going to cause himself trouble when he tries to remove age limit. Go energized for I will lead you from the front and I won’t let you down.

3. Women and youth. We must go for the women and youth and give them hope and empower them. We are going to have a leadership Academy to skill our people mostly youth and women into leadership

4. Vibrant structures. In my time no branch office will be closed for even a single minute in my leadership. I will move and I will be a people’s party president and I will leave amongst you. I will be a president of the party who will be amongst you. I will take three years instead of five because it’s expensive to host them. That’s 400m shillings savings. Our party district party branches will be commercial centres to promote the branches. I will use my professional knowledge to develop a business center at Najjanankumbi.

I am not contesting to remove muntu I am contesting to bring a new ideology that general muntu doesn’t believe in. As I stand I have one vote what I request you is to see my program and I request that you will give me that one vote each of you. We stand as the most credible opposition. It’s us that Ugandans have hope in. Other parties have died. If you don’t vote well on that well you would have betrayed Uganda not only the FDC. #POA4FDC #POA17 talking to the Ankole delegates


Yesterady 1st September 2017 was a good day for the supreme court of Kenya and what made my day was the statement of David Maraga when he said that The greatness of any nation lies in its fidelity to the constitution and adherence to the rule of law and above all respect to God. It showed that good men still exist in the world!
Of course many other people have been praised and indeed they did great these include all the judges and Raila Odinga. I won’t hide that these guys are great but my man and hero for this ruling is James Aggrey Bob Orengo.
To me this man has started the third revolution in his life and leaders hardly lead more than one revolution but he is leading the third one. People may ask how, but here is the answer!
This man is very familiar to the Kenyan politics and laws he became the youngest MP at age 29 in 1980, to me this was his first revolution for he had cut his teeth to the national political platform. It must be noted that he remained MP until 2002 general elections when he contested for the Presidency on a Social Democratic Party ticket, but finished fourth with just 0.4% of the votes.
Orengo also became well known for his fight against unjust rule and spent several years in detention as a result in detention he was with Raila Odinga, Paul Muite as Young Turks who along with Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, Masinde Muliro and Martin Shikuku brought about the what was termed as Kenya’s second liberation, they formed the formidable Forum for the Restoration of Democracy (FORD), a vehicle that nearly pushed KANU the ruling party out of power in the 1992 general election. He was a founding member of Muungano wa Mageuzi (Movement for Change), a cross party lobby group. During the post-election crisis, Orengo served as one of four spokesmen for the Orange Democratic Movement in its attempts to settle its dispute with the Party of National Unity following the disputed presidential elections in Kenya in 2007.
To me again this was a revolution in which great man participated. He was Minister of Lands from 2008 to 2013, and he has served in the Senate of Kenya since 2013 as senator for Siaya County. It’s during this time that Orengo revealed the sale of the Grand Regency hotel at 2.7 billion Kenyan Shillings (approximately $30 million US). He announced the transfer of ownership from the Central Bank of Kenya to the new Libyan owners had taken place under the direction of Amos Kimunya, finance minister. This set off the Grand Regency Scandal.
The third is what is interesting; he led a group of laws to secure a nullification of the Jubilee election. The first of its kind in Africa and the third in world to me this didn’t start at court, it started when NASA appointed him the coalition’s Chief Agent for the general election. This makes him exceptional from the other leading lawyers in the other cases for they were always hired to simply come and deal with evidence presented by other gatherers. Therefore this makes him go ahead in the case for he had been given a role of collecting evidence. Which he collected very well as a chief agent and used it to win the case in court.
All the above credentials being great and his uncompromising character being in a country where bribing of lawyers in cases such as this are common Orengo was not one to be compromised. The NASA coalition had not doubts in their minds that Orengo could be not be compromised in fact even dare devils would never have tried to compromise his beliefs and convictions.
Like I have always said there are things that are priceless there are things you cannot do or achieve for the allure of money. The way Orengo James carried himself, the way he led the counsel against the Jubilee, the force and stamina with which he pushed their agenda, the fidelity to the beliefs of his coalition are immeasurable, and it cannot be paid by any monetary terms.
James Orengo is and will continue to be a core member of the NASA campaign team in their pursuit to attain political power. If the team wins, Orengo will be a key pillar to be celebrated; if the team gets bruised Orengo will bare a good chunk of the wound for he emotionally involved to sustain an objective onslaught against their opponents.
During the entire court sessions Orengo, became friendly to both the courts and his adversaries, never to annoy or utter a word that could attract their denial. In all the sessions sometimes running till late in the night, he never, not once attracted the negative wrath of the judges. In many cases, he tried to make things easy and even simple like when he offered without much resistance to take back his teams report meant to accompany the court’s sanctioned report on the forms 34As, 34Bs and 34Cs as well as the IEBC servers.
His responses were calculated, respectful and sometimes remorseful. He was the exact opposite of the James Orengo in the campaign trail, where statements were made without caution. He sort to calmly yet concisely prove his points, he did not at any point raise his voice nor frown at the interjections of the court or opponents. He appeared to have divorced his political interests in the matter and just so easily without showing any trace of it. He behaved like a man under a unique spiritual guidance. His tone and body language became acceptable – he won the acceptance of the court and even that of his objective opponents. In simple words, he was a godsend to represent the NASA coalition in the petition that he won. So who could have been my hero if not this great man?


FDC went to party presidential elections in 2012 after Dr. Besigye decided to step down from the party presidency and if I remember well he wanted to further the struggle on the activism front. Therefore though he was still interested in the party he took a back seat. In that election three candidates had to run i.e. Maj. Gen Mugisha Muntu, Hon. Nandala Mafabi and Hon. Geoffrey Ekanya. The strongest candidates were Gen. Muntu and Nandala Mafabi and they were separated by votes less than 40 at delegate’s conference of September 2012 where Muntu was announced winner.

In the above election the then political assistant to Dr. Besigye Sam Mugumya (in a Congolese prison) supported Gen Muntu, the same was for Hon Mwijukye Francis a close associate to Mugumya and Dr. Besigye. Renown Besigye supporters like Owek. Ssebugwawo, and many Besigye supporters across the country Supported Gen Muntu, in the 2012 election. But not withstanding that; the Muntu team claimed that it wasn’t Mafabi Running in the election but rather Besigye was running through Mafabi. To me this was undermining Mafabi who is an ambitious and a hard working man in every sense. For a man who had been chairman BCU, Member of parliament, Leader of Opposition to say he couldn’t have had ambitions to lead the strongest political party or even presidency of the Republic is simply intriguing. Why Besigye name came up may be I think it would win votes for team Muntu as the oppressed in the party.

While Muntu was party president party elections were organised to choose new office bearers and Mafabi was chosen as secretary General of our great political party in that contest again there was a claim that Kasiano Wadri who lost to Mafabi had lost to Kizza Besigye and not Mafabi. So for team Muntu there is a clear indication that they would simply want to hear that they are contesting against Besigye in any FDC elections. I think this is to make sure that in the event lose they will claim they have lost to a giant Besigye than accept that another person apart from Besigye can defeat them.

In the recent days I have learnt that when there are many candidates in the race. The Muntu team gets the strongest whom they brand a Besigye candidate and it becomes a Besigye affair in that election. This can be traced from the last concluded EALA election where there were many candidates believed to be pro Besigye like Paga Gloria, Ojobile Augustine, Dr. Tindyebwa, Wilberforce Kyambade, Herbert Mayemba and Patrick Baguma however because Ingrid who was strongest amongst those who are considered to be pro Besigye she was labelled Besigye and when Ibbi Defeated her the claim was she had defeated Besigye not Ingrid!

We are back to the FDC presidential elections in our internal party democracy there is no amateur and there is no senior provided all the members interested in leading the party have qualifications to run. I have noted with concern that the FDC presidential election which is supposed actually to determine the direction where Uganda is going has again been reduced to a Besigye contest with Muntu again.

There are many candidates again who the public believes are pro Besigye that is Mr. Byamugisha Moses and Hon Munyagwa however the Muntu team has decided to be blind about the other two candidates and decided to put their eyes on Patrick Amuriat Oboi and now they have branded him Besigye. The argument is that he can’t have had the ambition by himself. I then ask if a holder of Dip. Educ.(MU), Bsc. Engineering (MU) and Masters in Engineering (MU) and a man who has been in active politics since 1993 served as an MP for 15 years cant have his own ambitions then who will have them apart from Besigye. The other argument is that Besigye Diehards are supporting Patric Amuriat but as this is said one of the renown supporters of Besigye chairs the campaign team of Gen Muntu.
I gain find it intriguing that the Muntu team simply wants to have it two way that if they lose they have lost to Besigye but should they also win they would have won Besigye therefore for their team they can never ran a campaign without putting Besigye in the mix.
Brian Atuheire Batenda
Chair FDC Youth League Kanungu (Delegate)