Last week the youth councillor for Kanungu district (Mr. Nasasira Eliab) led a demonstration complaining against power blackouts that have been in Kanungu for now close to four months. True this young man has a right cause but good causes led by dishonest leaders can never hold, a cause must be led by a clean leader if the cause is to be followed by many and therefore liberating. In my understanding of leadership a leader is supposed to be like a giraffe in a jungle and I think our leaders have lost their long necks so they are at the same level with the led or the ones the ones they lead are even better.
While I was young my father used to tell me that while eating with Satan you use a radar not a spoon for whenever there is a chance for Satan it would attack you and grab you hand. Our leaders haven’t used this tactic they have dinned with the NRM/A junta led by Gen. Yoweri Museveni using teaspoons. The Kanungu leaders are further very petty to claim that there are other leaders like MP. Kaberuka James (Kinkizi West), Chris Baryomunsi Kinkizi East and chairperson LCV madam Josephine Kasya and some councillors who are responsible for this mess . It’s not my intent at anyone point to support the blamed misleaders but I will heap the protesting misleaders with the ones they are accusing for they are the same and are simply playing to the scenes to simply cast themselves as different and pro people which they are not .
Both those in support of the demonstration and those against are again misleading the people they lead, and using our experience with people like Chris Baryomunsi who at one point was shouting and claiming to be pro people claiming to fight for better roads health services etc
It should be noted that I have attempted to be an Mp. In Kinkiizi west and I am the chairperson of the FDC youth league Kanungu district. In my trial I was very clear that the problems of Kanungu would be solved by leaders who are were able to work against the dictatorship of Museveni. My argument was very clear and it still stands, I had noticed Amaama Mbabazi and Chris Baryomunsi fight (then Mbabazi claiming to fight the NRM rebel Baryomunsi) later Baryomunsi fought Mbabazi for also being a rebel and as a result Chris forgot the shooting and tear gassing of his supporters in January 2013 after he had talked about Nebanda’s death, he has since sold his conscious to join and serve the dictator without questioning. He was always articulate on the Kanungu Road matters he has since kept silent with a broke ministry as his share. He simply remains boosting in a sectarian way by telling people in the catholic gatherings on how he is the only catholic minister from Kabale Dioceses (he said this on a gathering where I was part in the organisation that brings Banyakigezi Catholics together who stay in Kampala in Nakawa at their monthly mass that was presided over by the priest of Rutenga). The same applies to Kaberuka who shouted while as a councillor and after getting to office forgot to fight for those he claimed to represent. Therefore Mr. Nasasira Eliab can’t again hoodwink our people when he might simply be using this platform to get to where Kaberuka and Chris Baryomunsi are.
This is because last year all those involved led our people in Kanungu district to promote a non working manifesto of Mr. Museveni and his NRM junta. The campaign was that poor services in the district were going to be improved. Instead of these misleaders aprogizing to the people they are fronting the common phenomenon that Museveni is a pro people person but he is let down by those near him as if he hasn’t had eyes for the last 31 years. They campaigned their hearts out on the ticket of this platform including Mr. Eliab who is the youth councillor on the NRM ticket. He decampaigned other parties and other independent candidates in preference for the Junta. Those of us who said that the promises of the NRM were lies as it has been for the last 31 years were castigated.
What people of Kanungu should be told is that the whole country is in blackout there is no electricity, no health services, no good schools, no good roads as it is in Kanungu and therefore fight are a national struggle where they have to fight from where they are knowing that they are contributing to the national agenda than think that they will be worked upon in this failed regime. To be precise Kanungu is part of Uganda and therefore it has to suffer like other parts of the country that s why when Katakwi people are eating leaves as food Soroti people eating aunts the Kanungu people can’t be spared that’s why our people are eating spear grass. So if our leaders think that Kanungu is going to be well when the whole country is limping it’s like expecting blood to run when the heart has started are than deceive them that it’s about their leaders who misled them long time.
What hurts me more is that these misleaders have petitioned Gen. Museveni to intervene in the situation of power outage, but then have they forgotten the road isues, how about the hunger ravaging the district, what’s more immediate power or saving our hungry people who are dying, many questions arise.
Let’s not be deceived people of Kanungu that Museveni can rescue anything in this country, you should be hopeful in your power to bring Museveni and his junta as we prepare to stop the abuse than running to a man who has raped the country to save Kanungu. I think we need to tell people the truth than lead them to more abuse.