Presidential handshakes since 1986 blogs 3. #Kahinda Otafire

Kahinda Otafire though the allegations leveled on him are not always in lime light but he is a member of this regime so the hands he uses are shaped by the Luwero triangle war, at one time he bought 1000 galvanized sheets at accost of 86m shillings using acheque that later bounced he had bought the iron sheets from the central purchasing co-operation. But of course the NRM doesn’t take on its reputation this man has severally been made the chairperson Bushenyi district as reward however they have always said that we have mere allegations but with Otafire court proved this and as we speak such a man is the minister for justice so what should we expect?
He was also named in those individuals that that were involved in the taking away of the resources from Congo and when asked to comment about the UN report he referred to it as hoax. However denouncing that doesn’t save Ugandans to pay what allegedly went into his pockets.
In Uganda, Otafiire is routinely accused of abusing power. Fourteen years ago, he was dragged to a parliamentary probe committee for allegedly stealing copper rivets worth billions of shillings from an Asian businessman. In 2007, Kahinda Otafiire abused his office as minister of local government when he fraudulently allocated the Nakawa-Naguru estate redevelopment project to Opec Prime Properties Ltd, according to a 2008 report of the Inspector General of Government.
The IGG had earlier, in 2006, accused the same person of violating procurement procedures when he granted the tender of computerizing the lands registry to a little-known company, Steward’s Net Technologies.
Otafiire reacted by accusing the then IGG, Faith Mondha, of writing reports when she was under the influence of alcohol. To this attack, Mondha – according to the New Vision – responded, “He (Kahinda Otafiire) is corrupt and he is not fit to be minister.”

And when asked on some of these matters he laughs and then sees the ones who didn’t partake in the bush war’ not worthy to speak because they don’t understand the power of gun powder. That’s why he says that citizens should leave the issues of the generals to the generals.


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