Presidential handshakes since 1986 blogs 2. #Sam Kutesa

Sam Kutesa is one of the individuals that has surfaced in the lime light because of mainly being in corruption scandals, he was first mentioned in the sixth parliament in the scandals where he was involved in the sale of Uganda Airlines and censured on corruption allegations but was later received and appointed back to the cabinet showing that what parliament had done was not only baseless but also useless as he continues to enjoy the fruits of being in scandals parliament then requested that these individuals be prosecuted but this has never happened as he continues to enjoy the shelter and immunity from the corrupt regime headed by patriotic robbers.
Where he has been mentioned in the scandals for several times including the oil scandal that they have always claimed it was a forgery but then the question is why does smoke and fire always rotate on him and his friends in every scandal including the CHOGM scandal where the washing of the cars alone as reported by the PAC costed sh.150, 000/= which by then was almost a police man’s salary, a teacher’s salary the ones in the prison service meaning the person to wash one car would earn what a teacher would earn a month by then so if such exploitation continues to happen in the hands of these men then what do the nation expect?
It should be noted that a person who would therefore wash 12 cars would have earned what a teacher is capable of earning in a full year something that is unfortunate for our country and it should also be noted that by then the price of washing a car at a washing bay was sh.5000 only meaning the washing of the car was inflated by thirty times the real price this shows how much they had to stole only during CHOGM period since only one activity could show such a rot.
And this man has many other scandals that this man who had promised to quite politics, with Museveni in 2006. He has always remained to be seen as a liability in the cabinet, by most anti-corruption crusaders. They have always been in courts putting their case as the not innocent but as being tried in courts by the IGG who doesn’t have the authority to try them which is like when a Christian steals when the Muslim gets him he advises the Muslim to wait for the Christian to be the one to blame him something I have only seen as the weakness of the law. To me all his appointments and the subsequent stealing can be regarded as presidential handshakes


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