Presidential handshakes since 1986 blogs 1. #Wandera Kazibwe

In the last two weeks we have been discussing the presidential handshake. I have noticed that people seem not to know who are the oldest thieves I am going to offer a blog perday and I will start with a special woman called Wandera Kazibwe the former vice president whose appointment President Museveni called killing three birds with one stone and he explained this to the Ankole caucus which was strong in the 90’s that the Basoga would keep happy because their own was vice president and then the women would also be excited and Catholics were also to follow in the same category of the excited since she was a catholic and even he wondered whether she actually thought she was the vice president with this thinking of the head of state her appointment was a baby to corruption and nothing expected but corruption.
The same words were given to explain the appointment of army commander as JJ Odong whose appointment was to make sure that the people of Teso could see him driving cars in their land and get excited and have their hearts ok since one of them had a convoy and the same words were also used to explain David Pulcol’s appointment in the security organs these were trivial statements from the head of state something I call unfortunate for our beloved land that deserves better than this hilarious government.
With secreterianism at its highest of course in Rukiga they say that ‘’weiba ohekire omwaana araba omushuma’’ literally meaning that when one steals carrying a child at her bark then that child is likely to turn a thief and this is what happened to the special woman.
So it was by no surprise that this ‘’special woman’’ became corrupt. She was first censured as minister of agriculture which she held together with vice presidency because of swindling money meant for making valley dams that were to be constructed in the arid areas of Northern Uganda worth 3.5bn and what was hurting was that not even a valley dam could be seen in the region where she calls home and when asked where the valley dams were she said that the valley dams were there and those who wanted to see them could see them but those who didn’t want to see them could see but them as if these individuals who were asking were blind and if not as if the valley dams were microscopic
As this happened the appointing authority remained with this lady on his cabinet as vice president yet she had showed inconsistence and the MPS that led her censure were castigated by the president may be he still wanted to use his ‘’stone’’ to kill the birds in the target and president Museveni continues to carry out this divisive politics that is not only detected in the political arena but also in the social economic wellbeing of Ugandans.
What followed was that after her retirement she was given to a sponsorship to study from abroad on tax payers’ money where clausal sums of money went to. Which I consider a scandal since she was already well off, may be this was a way of thanking her for stealing tax payers money and abusing them more because it was not right for a peasant to pay tuition to the former vice president that wasn’t only with the privileges of being a vice president but also had to steal the tax payers money as an addition to the privileges.
When she returned back she again went to the campaigned for her ‘’bread’’ party NRM and later deployed in the microfinance sector that was new, and as of know the Bonana Bagagaware program has produced rich people indeed since her [Dr. Wandira Kazibwe] alone took 58.3m which the IGG instructed her to bring back to the ministry of finance where she hasn’t done the needful up to date.
The IGG report indicates that her allowances were high ranging from 7.5 to 9.4m shillings between august and November 2009 which is equivalent of what a doctor earns per year and a primary teacher earns this in almost three years and not forgetting our men in uniform and many other civil society in our un just society.
This was in form of the highest allowances one can have, as everyday she would go away with about sh. 500,000/= [five hundred thousand shillings] and even some times above that this had continued over time and when the IGG and the minister of finance tried her out of office, she said that only the president would ask her to live her job and not anyone else meaning she expected the gift of backing she has always got from the president.
Lastly this woman got one billion to go and run for the coveted chair of the African union Ugandans lost this money too and all this is in the names of our continuous presidential handshake.
Brian Atuheire Batenda


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