Makerere University has been closed for nearly a month. We strongly protested the closure of the university. First Mr. Museveni, as a “visitor”, has no legal mandate to close a public university but secondly, the implications of the closure have been grave.

Our young girls are prostituting in Kampala, others are washing cars. Parents will be required to incur extra financial costs because of the closure. Some students had paid tuition while many, if not all, had paid hostel fees. Economically, traders who operate around universities have been signifactly affected. Commericial public transporters are affected too.  Many people’s earnings have been ruined by that illegal order to close down a public university. It is sad.
So we protest the closure in the strongest terms and demand that it should be reopened. This is clearly abuse of power. We must fight this failure of government. Surely, why would a private banker be given 200bn to recapitalise his bank and give UBC 20bn yet Makerere university cannot get 28bn to pay lecturers allowances? What is the importance of, say UBC to the public that its financial problems outweigh Makerere University lecturers’ contractual obligations? 
As I speak, parents, students and former students are organising and we shall make sure that the University reopens. The people of Uganda shall mobilise resources to force the reopening of the university. It will be done by all stakeholders.
If we unite and choose to mobilise 60,000 people, we can raise substantial resources to see Makerere university reopens.  We shall reopen it.
We gave an ultimatum of 10days. We are left 3days. Let’s meet 

at Makerere and reopen our University. Our children must learn. 


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