Former National Resistance Army (NRA) bush war hero Rtd Col Dr Kizza Besigye has regretted joining the 5 year Luwero guerrilla warfare that ushered in the current regime in power accusing it of straying away from what took them to fight past the regimes.

Besigye while addressing the FDC UK P10 Chapter at Hilton Hotel in London on Saturday, he and his wife Winnie Byanyima joined the guerilla bush war to fight the past dictatorial regimes thinking that the country could have good leadership than the past which ruled citizens on the barrel of the gun.

“The control of the country and of resources is in the hands of the very few that control guns. My wife and I when we went to the bush we thought there could be bad and good guns”. Besigye said.

“We have all realized that we were wrong. The control of guns is through a disciplined system of orders which come from the top” he added.

The former bush war president Museveni’s physician also said that even while still in the bush some of his colleagues had different agendas for their own benefits which they wanted to achieve after the war.

“Sitting at the fire place in the bush I would hear some of my colleagues saying that I want to drive that vehicle like the other one whom we are fighting is driving. One came to me as well he said things seem to be working out and the only thing i want to be is a market master of Owino” he explained.

“Even the young activists are saying that those malls that they are building will be ours someday. Many of the people you find that those fighting have been eliminated so they are fighting not because of well-intentioned ideas”

He also commended his wife for being a good partner for all the time he has been  in the struggle to liberate the country.


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