I am firm about this opinion I am writing about our two great leaders I respect them for they have led the party at high ranks. However the FDC supporters across the country and outside must open their eyes and no one should deceive them that amongst the two leaders any of them for defiance

 Having hope in any of them to take the defiance struggle to the next stage would be killing the struggle. I have charted with young people in this great political party and there seems to be confusion as the Pro-Mafabi group claims to support defiance claiming the pro-Muntu group to be killing it. In my own wisdom none of the two gentlemen supports the great campaign and both of them have fallen short in leading the campaign without Besigye in the picture they appear not to have direction.

The day the first announcement was made to appoint LOP comrades Kayanja Thomas, Kahemba Babi and myself led a group of youth with a plan to stop a NEC meeting that was being held at Najjanankumbi. We wanted to present our stand that it would retard the defiance campaign if FDC appointed the Leader of opposition and subsequently the shadow cabinet.

With my colleagues we started to demonstrate outside the meeting room we made the meeting fail to go on for about 20 minutes. At this point Hon. Mafabi came out to interest us in stopping and claimed that they were not going to appoint the LOP but rather the leader of FDC in parliament. (This showed that they Knew the mistake that they were about to do).  I thought that he knew the law, I told him and went on to elaborate to him that the rules of parliament and the constitution respected none other than the leader of opposition. He tried to convince me but I refused, Hon Michael Kabaziguruka also tried to woe us to stop the demonstration I explained to the two that a mistake was going to be done and this wouldn’t even take a week.

These same individuals went back to the meeting room and told Gen. Muntu that we had refused to vacate. Muntu ordered that we enter a NEC meeting. In my mind I knew since Mafabi had been “deaf” to our request I thought may be Muntu being tolerant he would find it wise to listen to us. In my good white jeans when we entered I was told not to seat on the chair but rather to seat on the floor which I refused. As other members were still waiting to enter an angry Muntu with his shirts sleeves folded. He started by calling all of us in the demonstration NRM and Museveni promoters that I swallowed, he further said that he can’t govern the party on gun point and chased us out of the meeting without hearing our side! This was Muntu refusing our views using Museveni whom I thought he wouldn’t have used that example against us for it has been used against him and I know he understands how it hurts.

 Meanwhile the members of parliament who were in the NEC meeting were seeing us as useless creatures who can’t have an opinion I hate being reduced by I was reduced to minute particles I simply moved out in silence!  Later I heard that Ingrid with her innocence was almost going to be butchered in that same meeting. As I had professed later in the evening the party announced its chief whip, LOP and commissioner at parliament. In all this its only Ingrid’s name that was mentioned later Munyagwa and comrade Nyanjura. Later Mafabi used his office to distance himself from the appointments NEC had made by changing the name to leader of minority of course as I had warned any one appointing any leader who is not constitutional the speaker refused and finally Muntu had to write by himself. In my own judgement both two men fell short only that Muntu owns up and Mafabi wants to take advantage of the situation. However I can’t be blackmailed to go for what I understand for I wasn’t in Kanungu I was at Najja and I got everything that was said and done.

Since then I haven’t been to the party head quarter for I was disappointed that with Besigye absent all the others are greedy and selfish and simply are fighting for positions within the party and any one that cheers them is part of them the reason I have been silent on matters of greed. I find the youth who have joined the camps of any of the men wanting if any supports the defiance campaign  I think we can rebrand and strengthen our power10 structures and work hard to maintain the momentum of this great struggle that we are about to win. I am tired of leaders who tell us of


how it was hard to live in the 70s but do not promise on how it will be better to live in the 2020s. Mine is about hope that we shall ultimately win by defiance for it’s the only way.
Brian Atuheire Batenda


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