S.3 Dropout Is Our minister Of Education.

Uganda is a gain hit by a useless Parliament. This 10th Parliament so far has a approved a senior three Dropout to be the minister of education. In her interface with Parliament Janet Museveni confessed that she didn’t sit for S.4 and S.6 exams! She went ahead to confess that she didn’t do teaching practice. This means that her admission was wrong like her graduation because there is no where on earth where you can get a bachelors of education without teaching practice. But our poor Parliament using orders from above decided to pass such a
fellow to be a minister not for any other ministry but ministry of education. I am not disappointed in our Parliament but rather the energy to fight this treachery is increasing daily. I see a country without order a country without Hope and a country where impunity rules. I am young and energetic I would want to contribute in putting an end on this. I am perturbed however that people’s hearts are weird they can do anything stupid to please one man. Us who think differently are criminals since they determine who is a criminal and who is not. I therefore find it not important to even go to Court to challenge such since even judges work to please the same man.



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