Supporting Besigye In My Crime For which I was beaten

I was last beaten using a stick when I was in S2 in 2005 at St. Mary’s Rushoroza. This was done by my good commerce teacher who was the Hostel Warden at the same time. His reason was that I had dodged prep. This was my crime then for it was destroying my Father’s resources and may be as such I would not turn to be a good man as he wanted. The same year when the headmaster tried to cane I refused and we ended up negotiating. I having been an intelligent kid at school he offered to monitor me and that morning he gave me a cup of coffee instead.

However today I woke up in high spirits and I decided to go to Court in kasangati in Wakiso district where my president Kizza Besigye is being tried for disobeying lawful orders. As I left my residence in Ntinda after kyanja towards Gayaza road I had voices of a motorcade. Knowing that Besigye is always driven like a terrorist I felt that if I could take a photo of those cars and together it would be beautiful but they were far so I took this photograph


If one looks at the photo properly you can notice the cards arriving. I had not known that taking the photo and waving the V sign for my party was a case. Before I could take the second one a Police Officer in uniform carrying a heavy stick hit my arm I couldn’t take it therefore. I didn’t change course I told The boda boda guy to go ahead and take me to the court. Of course with much pain Nyanjura My comrade and LC5 councilor Makerere informed MRE that it was swelling and needed to go to hospital. I went to the hospital and they found out that my muscles had been dislocated my arm has been bandag

My bandaged arm


Its from here that I say I have no crime that I committed this morning other than giving support to my president. But let me say that I had committed an offence it can’t be instant punishment. I should be taken through a lawful process. This is what government tells us to use courts when they can’t use them. Therefore why should one use courts when our tormentors are using sticks. The next time if I form a ring of men wielding sticks and we sort ourselves with police and other military organs I don’t think any of the Public Will blame my step. I committed no crime I am simply a Besigye supporter



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