I am one of the Ugandans that have been and are still against the use of military means to bring political change in Uganda. I have been following the political developments in Uganda for the last 10 years. I have participated at a very low level and at the highest level in my capacity. I therefore think that plus what I have read I have enough knowledge to make humble comments on these raising concerns that are hovering over civilians and military officers.
When Besigye was arrested in Kampala town I was at the scene. A happy Besigye, moving with his jubilant crowds jubilating over his surprise appearance in town, the jovial Besigye I know was clamped down his supporters beaten and teargased and driven away later to a chopper and to Moroto now Luzira to cut the story short.
Last week a person I regard my brother and comrade MP Nakawa Micheal Kabaziguraka was arrested and taken to Kireka his house searched. It should be noted that even with their search nothing was found in his house, police and the military remain at his house without giving reason his young son and daughter are suffering at the expense of this poor and illegitimate regime.
The above are simply incidents of the last four months however the bigger problem started before the election as early as 2012. In 2012 a coalition of political parties and civil society organisations came together and demanded for electoral reforms I was part of this campaign. At its climax leaders from all over the country from each sub region of Uganda came to Africana Hotel in Kampala where I represented Kanungu and made their demands for electoral reforms. These reforms were ignored and defied. Government apologists decided to blackmail leaders like Kizza Besigye whose resolve to reforms bred the defiance campaign. To him his campaign was about reforms both politically socially and economically. This campaign has also been busterdized by the dictator to mean destroying people’s property and burning towns of Uganda and lately its treasonous.
Therefore from the word go the 2016 general elections was a rigged election before it started. Government institutions like police army bank of Uganda etc were lowered very down to act as NRM agents. Amidst all this the FDC and Kizza Besigye went ahead and won the elections not only in the civilian communities but also in army, police and other military installations. A midst this confusion Museveni, a former rebel who seized power in 1986 and has ruled Uganda for 30 years was announced “winner” of the election overshadowed by arrests of politicians and rigging it should be noted that before the election result was declared, the military put Besigye under house arrest.
On being overwhelmed Museveni overthrew the people’s voice and vote and committed treason for he used military means to remove a people elected president. With even the compromised judiciary the FDC and Besigye remained a thorn in the fresh that they would never be allowed to appeal since Museveni was aware that the evidence would be so much to handle in court and as such the FDC headquarters were attacked and Besigye surrounded.
Material in terms of declaration forms were confiscated and in addition the FDC agents arrested across the country and this has continued as we miss tens of people every day. This is state inspired violence that any Ugandan worth being called a patriot can’t withstand.
Beisgye and FDC therefore couldn’t have appealed in court. However as peace loving Ugandans they proposed a path that could redirect Uganda to have an election audit to remove the suspicions of the glaring maltpractice. However this has been referred to as treason and Besigye is in Luzira over asking for an audit. It should therefore be noted that since Besigye and the FDC didn’t get any environment to petition we can’t say we had a conclusive election and neither do we have a president that is legitimate. In such conditions then no individual should charge anyone of treason or even a military coup since some soldiers can’t recognise the commander in chief is one.
Brian Atuheire Batenda


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