It is unusual for FDC to move on at this critical time!

The FDC fraternity has just experienced what we called an ethical dilemma in making a decision to comply with roles of the Opposition in Parliament. An ethical dilemma occurs when a compelling circumstance arises where the voice of reason ought to prevail bearing in mind all the plausible alternatives, and choosing the ones that maximizes benefits, causes least harm and generally good intentioned for the cause.

Many commentaries arose challenging FDC Party President, Gen Muntu’s decision to comply with demands to play Opposition in Parliament. FDC has the largest number of sworn MPs in the 10th Parliament and yet, FDC is also engulfed in the fight that its Presidential flag bearer won the February 18, 2016 general elections. Gen Muntu says, his party cannot wail over spilled milk forever and that it is high time they realized that NRM usurped power and established itself as the ruling party.

Muntu’s fluidity in this compliance may not be something unusual but the timing matters. Many of the NRM sympathizers in Opposition have already applauded his decision and lavished Gen. Muntu as the voice of moderation. In fact, the very reason that a significant section of FDC historicals opposed the candidature of Dr Kizza Besigye for the last election was also that Gen Muntu is amiable. However, the Ugandan politics is getting increasingly complex and devoid of principles.

Uganda no longer has genuine opposition to the government of President Museveni. Any plausible opposition should organize and claim its victory after an election. None of the so-called Opposition groups have the capacity to claim and galvanize their own victories. This is a dilemma because political parties have lost meaning and sense of purpose

Further, the traditional parties no longer have either the moral acuity or the capability to generate proper leadership, both within their own parties and for the country. Internal bickering, snitching, sabotage, slandering, and sectarian politics have compounded with personal greed to restrict space for emergence of new leadership. Members within the opposition are either in pursuit of a career or are in politics to build houses and obtain luxury. None of them can truly claim to have proper intentions of a true freedom fighter. The zeal for a free life has been subordinated with the lust for luxury.

For FDC, it is a bouncing platform where NRM plays its card games, and where those who have fallen out with NRM come to reload their political fortunes. In essence, most of the people in FDC are people who are struggling for personal glory as opposed to legitimate struggle for liberation. They believe they already liberated the country in 1986. The likes of Ingrid Turinawe, Kizza Besigye and the committed strugglers are labeled radicals and treated harshly for fear of this contradiction.

Both UPC and DP are now a variation of NRM. UPC- Akena is in bed with Mr. Museveni, while UPC-Otunnu is with Amama Mbabazi’s NRM, since JPAM refuses to denounce the NRM. Then we have DP with a number of its members working directly with the intelligence networks to snitch and undermine the top party officials for pittance. In essence, none of the so-called political parties in Uganda has capacity or genuine interests to remove the dictatorship. For them, whether NRM or FDC is in power, their privileges remains consolidated. Preserved!

Given these conundrums, one can say that Dr. Kizza Besigye is a unique brand of politician. Dr. Besigye is betrayed by his contemporaries for his bravery and genuine efforts at removing dictatorship.

Since Dr Besigye brand has become bigger than all the opposition groups combined, he is now more a subject of annihilation by the Opposition elements than even the establishment.

In submitting to the frauds of Mr. Museveni and taking the role of Opposition Party, Gen. Muntu can speak tactical language all he wants. Many will view his move as treacherous to Dr Besigye. At least, FDC could have first demanded that the state releases KB unconditionally and engages in dialogue to settle the political dilemma arising out of unresolved electoral reforms for future elections.

It is just unusual to move on at this critical time when your leader is in prison, facing treason, or in the absence of electoral reforms.

Uganda Diaspora P10


One thought on “It is unusual for FDC to move on at this critical time!”

  1. I highly respect and admire Besigye’s determination to end Museveni’s dictatorship but he is not being realistic to some extent. Besigye wants to overthrow a military government through street-stone demonstrations which is practically defeat..
    I understand his position becz his level of committment cannot be equited to any member of opposition but we must agree that we have different approaches in taking power. for example Gen.Ssejusa that the only way to end dictatorship is by dismantling it and that elections are useless but we ingored his call.

    But all in all, i agree with the decision of Gen Muntu to nominate a LOP and its not regretful.

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