I write this blog to respond to my brother Edgar Tushabe Muhairwe  for the claims he made in his blog calling on the youth to support the Museveni government for the next 5 years. As President Museveni takes his first steps in his fifth government, the youth of Uganda shouldn’t pay allegiance and attention to the illegitimate Museveni regime.

Tushabe claims “Periodically, the NRM government has prioritized issues of governance according to need and urgency.” This statement itself shows that there are other great component issues like that he calls not urgent and therefore to him the urgent issues have become, Strengthening the Army and ensuring the security of property and person, in Uganda there is no security of people and their propery there is simply the security Museveni and his government that’s why we lose sheikhs and the police chief simply mentions he is overwhelmed, fires have consumed billions of shilling in property in our markets, dometries have been burnt and the reports have taken ages these are not isolated cases as the government factionaries would want to call it. We can mention many times our markets are burnt and police reports are never reported. When he mentions governance i also find our level of democracy not only creeping but dead.

Museveni who can’t even allow a free and fair election in his party can’t be talked as a democrat we simply have a junta in power and we must handle it as that. Opposition parties are handled as rebel groups every state function instead of handling their duties are busy trying to kill the undying decent from the people of Uganda. Recently i found out that looking at Besigye and waving to him happily has become a case the reason he is in Luzira and the same reason his supporters are clobbered everyday they are happy.

There has also been a rant about Infrastructure development which my brother describes as modern, admirable road network and provision of amenities like water and electricity. He however doesn’t tell us the coverage rate of electricity, he doesn’t speak about UMEEME that is steeling Ugandans, he forgets why some of these facilities were sold cheaply by the corrupt regime, he further forgets that some of the roads like Katosi are in the stomachs of some people, he doesn’t mention how much the tax payer has lost on the dams, he forgets about our debt and the cost and quality of the roads constructed in Uganda. This is not only selfish but arogancy “enyonyi Kuzikurira Oburo zitakwesimirane”.

So what he calls deliberate prioritization of issues is stealing and misuses power and I wonder why he still talks about impressive economic growth, human development, which he claims they have achieved in the 30 years with the above flaws. We should therefore see the NRM junta as a set of broken promises that must be done away with.

He again mentions investor confidence and what i am sure about is that the foreign missions in the country are not confident any more here in Uganda because of bad governance i think the confidence has been dwindling and that’s dangerous for a poor economy like Uganda

“For the past 30 years, our economy has grown on an average of 7% per year. This is an impressive result in comparison to other world economies”. He says I am for people and meaningful economic growth that can be seen in the pockets and the well being of the people. Our country is a poor country and the 7% he mentions actually is owned by the same people that have stolen and abused our economy. When the poor become very desperate and loose hope which is likely to happen ultimately they will eat the rich

My brother Tushabe further quotes Museveni’s  article to the press, “The Joy Of Campaigning for the NRM in 2015” the president, who was then the NRM candidate said that the forthcoming 5 years shall be focused on improving livelihoods through the prioritization of livelihood funds like Operation Wealth Creation, the Youth Livelihood Program, the Women Fund, the Micro-finance Fund, and the Innovation Fund.”

I find these claims very good but without commitment for these have been rhetoric and these have been the same  promises made in the last elections. Whether its people or the guns that give him the mandate he has betrayed both because he never fulfils the promises. This how NAADs comes and goes and thats how for one to give a cow to my mother in the village he needs to be carrying a gun. Even with one kilogram of seeds and hoes given to our communities Tushabe believes Uganda can be developed this is self denial!

It’s with the above mindset that I don’t think the youth of Uganda should be interested. But rather they must be interested in standing up and defending their country and our country must be taken back to the constitutional Path. This is what as a generation should be engaged in it can take a year two or even more but I am sure that then history will judge us right. Compared to those who have given up and decided to nurse a dead regime that cant resurrect!


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