It’s The Citizens At Trial NOT The Government

On 17th evening I boarded a bus headed for kanungu to vote for my candidate Kizza Besigye. I reached Kihiihi early morning of 18th went home greeted my good parents and went to vote. By noon I was already planning my journey back to Kampala to celebrate the victory of my candidate I wanted to be part of this historic event. I came checking on the results and the mood of the people from Kihiihi to Mbarara where I reached at about 10pm people were talking about how Besigye had won! When I reached my room I put on my TV and Kigundu was reading different results. I was in the morning going to the party headquarters and I found soldiers with naked bullets all over the roads and streets of Kampala the city was quite but soldiers patrolled the city very tightly. In brief our voice as a people had been stolen a coup d’état had taken place. Museveni was defeated in the election and he overthrew the power of the people and reinstated himself with a gun. The photographs of 19th Feb and days onwards were the exact ones of 1971 when Amin took power using the gun. But surprisingly Amin celebrated in the city because may be he had popular support Museveni dint because he knew people had not voted him. As I try my daily duties when I meet any citizens he or she tells me of how government is at trial. However I think government is not at trial it’s you the citizens at trial you both stand up and defend the votes you casted or the junta will rule us forcefully. Remember the president elect is incarcerated without any one mentioning and being sure when he will be free. It’s a must that you organize and free him and free your, vote free your country. If we don’t do this our children shall live in these horrible conditions better wakeup and do something for freedom is every ones right accepting to live under oppression is slavery.


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