My Take on This Campaign I choose Peace

Since Friday I have been engaged in a series of meeting about the forthcoming general elections. Previously I have moved north, central, east and south of this country. I have seen government come out to claim they want a peaceful election. I have seen torches being lit by both civil society organizations claiming they are in a campaign that they choose peace. Government has joined in the campaign for I choose peace Uganda. But let me give my honest opinion. Ugandans in the last three years working together formed a citizens compact under their campaign for electoral reforms. They formed a compact that was to separate the military organs to cause peace. They formed proposals that were to cause the electoral commission to be independent. They had a detailed plan on how governance should be done. Government then refused and contemptuously handled the issue the citizens were then somehow forced to bow but they still know that this election is not going to be free and fair. I remember my first big rally I addressed was in Masaka and police decided to unleash violence on us then we were looking for peoples views on the compact. I moved on to the Kigezi sub region and deliberated heavily and gave in our demands government snubbed us and didn’t honor the citizens. Now we are at cross roads the citizens have their thinking and government has its thinking. The citizens know that Museveni and the military are going to rig the election. Government didn’t come out to fight vote rigging which is likely to be the cause of violence. Instead government and civil society would have run a campaign saying that they choose free and fair elections, by doing that they would have solved the violence circle. As far as these elections are fraudulent then the citizens wont keep quite they will simply wakeup to the drums of liberation and get power from those wielding the guns to the citizenry. If I am going to attend any symposium again on the election it shouldn’t be about promoting peace because peace comes out injustice please government wake up provide free and fair elections then there will be peace make them fraudulent then there will be violence the choice is yours. Remember I am an intellectual but I will fight injustice in both forms with what I can access in my own means. I love my country I want to see justice then automatically peace will prevail. The most unjust societies are the most violent. Museveni became violent because of injustice he wont expect peace when he is unjust.


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