Besigye Tormentor Goes Mad

Police spokes person Fred Enanga has confirmed this evening that their fellow police officer Gilbert Arinaitwe Bwana has gone mad.

He also claims that the news is a bit private and thus cannot go into detail.

A police source has told the Media that Arinaitwe Gilbert bwana was rushed to Butabika hospital this evening after being attacked my mental madness.

Gilbert Bwana who almost murdered Col.Dr.Besigye has suffered madness for the 4th time in a row with the previous attack having occurred in late June while at Day star church along Entebbe road.
“For the past 2 weeks Gilbert Arinaitwe has been suffering from unlimited Diarrhoea at Masindi hospital before being attacked by mental madness” says Alice a close relative

Gilbert Bwana is remembered for tormenting Col.Dr.Besigye a few years ago at Mulago roundabout.

Gilbert Bwana pulled out his pistol and crashed Dr Kizza Besigye’s vehicle window glass into pieces. He was not yet done with his temper. He unleashed pepper spray into Dr Besigye’s eyes and dragged him out of the vehicle. The pepper nearly made Dr. Besigye blind before being rushed to Nairobi & Uk hospitals respectively for eye repair.

Gilbert Bwana roughed him up and bundled him into a police pick-up truck like a street thief or as if Besigye was a wild animal.

Gilbert Arinatwe Bwana, Born in Bukinda Kabale district south western Uganda will now join Ugandan Hip hop artist KEKO in the same Butabika hospital who is also suffering from mental madness but not as much as his.


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