I greet you comrade in the struggle for change. I Brian Atuheire “Unstoppable” wish to congratulate you upon a successful delegates’ conference our party held…. In a few weeks’ time (July 24 2015) the Youth League of this same great party will yet again hold its delegates’ conference to choose its leaders. I write to you to request for your support for the position of Chairperson of this focal organ of our party- the FDC Youth League.

As a young man, earlier in my formative years, I always identified myself with the cause when it was under the “Reform Agenda” banner. In my later days as a versatile youth, I have remained committed to the party it blossomed into;-the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC).

At  Makerere University, I served this party as Deputy Speaker in my first year(…) and General Secretary in my second year(…) that produced Adeke Ann Ebaju as the flag bearer who went on to be Guild President. In my days, I also led courageous, revolutionary excursions to Luzira prisons to liberate our incarcerated colleagues Ingrid Turinawe, Sam Mugumya and Francis Mwijukye who had been incarcerated on trumped up charges of treason.

At the same institution, I singlehandedly matched to parliament and rejected the Public Order Management Act, that had just been passed the previous day. I beat security and staged a 20-minute demo before arrest and subsequent detention.

When I left the Makerere chapter, my friends and I gathered many other like-minded unemployed youth and we formed the indefatigable National Association of the Unemployed (NAU).

I was also a brazening activist in the A4C and a valiant fighter in the 4GC, and CIREN.  Even this day, I remain committed to them.

I have on several occasions represented the youth of Uganda on various international platforms to discuss the myriad of issues that stare the world in the face menacingly and present imminent danger, for instance Climate change.

Yet at home, I have also written in newspapers and spoken on various media platforms in the quest for a better country.

It is this courageous, versatile, multitalented approach to my struggle that earned me the famous moniker “Unstoppable” amongst those that are glad to be close to me.

Comrade, when I say to you that I want to “revitalize our youthfulness” I do not do so in the craze of sloganeering.  My aspiration is clear and demonstrable.

The youth of this country are in a predicament of extinction. We are endangered species. On various occasions, the rulers of this land have not shied away from publically mentioning it. While presenting a paper at Makerere University, Kahiinda Otafiire said that Ugandans are children, and then become senile,-skipping the youthful stage.  His master Museveni has said it severally that youthfulness is not biological but ideological. We that he refers to as ideologically disoriented thus are not youths in this country-he seems to say.   Julius Malema in one of his remarkable addresses cautioned African youths against wanting to do things like the old people. We want to talk, glide and fold our arms like our oldsters. Because of that, they have lowered us to their standards and beaten us from there.

Political parties are the biggest platforms for civic engagement and as such, we need to revitalize our own youth leadership and take charge of this country. You and I yield enormous potential to cause change, progress, and upward trajectory of our beloved country.

When am chairman, I promise to lead you to fields of glory and honor that before me could have never been revealed or have been seen yet so bleak. Politics is dynamic. A day is so long so they say. Therefore, the greatest promise I will make to you is never to retire from my “unstoppableness.”  At every battle, in every field, when the bell tolls and the drums roll, I will rise to the occasion and we shall together fight the battle through.

I wish to be emphatic on some issues however;

  1. Mobilization and training of sub county youth chairpersons and their deputies to enhance youth participation in the coming election and beyond.
  2. Revitalizing and emphasizing the roles of the various offices in the youth league
  3. Revitalizing and emphasizing the roles of IPOD
  4. Enhancing the capacity of the Students-Union to have formidable Party chapters in institutions of higher learning.
  5. Enhancing the ability of the youth league to do activism, advocacy, lobby, negotiation and policy outreach.

Comrade, I implore you to think and feel deeply about these ideas, and together, tomorrow, we shall have a chance to make a difference.

Please give me your trust, your hope and your mandate and we shall propel this league, our party and our country to unassailable heights of greatness and admiration.

I thank you.

One Uganda one people!

For God and my Country!


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