How are you the people of the district in which I belong. As one of your sons I hereby write you to inform you of the things I have managed to see since I was able to know the difference between good and bad that’s about 16 years ago. Minus that I have read our history. As a district we have never been known to be in opposition to any government. When Obote was here our fathers and grandfathers then clapped their hands for the regime. When Amin came the same was done and when Museveni came the drums and trumpets were blown we have remained saying yes, to every leader that comes whether he is performing or not. Indeed as bakiga we know what we refer as ebinyamwikiririze and that’s what we have reduced to.
Our district has never had a leader in the opposition that is to a higher leadership ladder at least LCV or MP as we head to the 2016 elections I have been moving and already we are singing yellow. History shall judge us we must break this chain that is eating us slowly by slowly. We can say that any way leaders in Uganda are never elected but also as a district we have not surfaced much in wars to liberate Uganda that much. In many cases I had been disadvantaged that I couldn’t take part in the decisions made about our people and myself. However as I write to you am grown fully flagged to take on the mantle not to help my people but even others. I should therefore notify and make you aware of the mistakes we have made in the past and I hope we shall not repeat them! We have been promised to support these governments in return of resources that we haven’t gotten for the last fifty years the whole of Uganda could be doing poorly but am sure we are worse.
The mistake carried out by our people has been the tendency to think that Kanungu can develop with an underdeveloped Uganda. We have not asked the bigger questions to our leaders. We have turned up at functions, not to ask them about our plight but to dance and praise them literally lying them that they are our heroes and praising them for their nonexistent achievements at best we have been stagnated but we haven’t progressed in the circumstances not even natural progress
I am writing to you as my family well aware that am writing to children that have been chased out of schools, to women lining up on sickly health centers, to the poor failing to get agricultural subsides, to the hungry, to the ones using the poor infrastructure to the overtaxed, to those in their small houses sick and unable to help themselves. As I conclude I can say this that the government that exists doesn’t reward its supporters because even when a mother has a crying child he will feed him first before the quite one. As long as we remain in the no change slogans be aware that we shall remain slaves. Every person has a duty to come out and fight for the good of our underprivileged district I beg you don’t send us to the same song that has given us the problems we are aware of. Be sure also that as long as we are singing no change with these NRM carders we should forget development. The answer is jumping out of that NRM chain tied all over you
Kind Regards
Brian Atuheire Batenda


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