As part of my social media campaign strategy I had decided not to directly go into question and answer with my fellow contestants mainly from the NRM because I feel they are not open minded and they view matters from a very different lens. But since I post what is on my mind as a person and a candidate and all of a sudden some candidates try to denigrate and disparage not only my person but also my political party let me answer them back to be courteous.
I will answer Mr. Kagurusi’s question who claims that FDC doesn’t have an alternative policy literary meaning that he never reads extensively on what other parties hold. The FDC has a policy framework that has been running since 2006 it’s where the manifestos of 2006 and 2011 were extracted, therefore for a man contesting for a parliamentary seat not to know this is below average on his side.
That aside I will have to give a summary of the thematic areas that FDC considers important if it takes power. Education; in this the FDC wants to have equal opportunities given to students and fight the inequality that have made the poor get off the education ladder. It will mention USE and UPE but make sure that the children get feeding at school and also pay teachers at least 400,000ugx and on that money no PAYE will be deducted since the FDC doesn’t believe in taxing people at that level of income. Loan schemes at the university and subsiding of the education system are part. Improving infrastructure agriculture and curbing theft (corruption are part) in brief social justice will prevail in the FDC reign. The increment of the agricultural funding has been talked about to lift our poor populace and that must be reflected in the budgeting process which the NRM has completely failed to do.
It’s always ok to forget the ideology of the other parties but I find it funny that my brother could forget one pertinent issue that has been raised in the health sector like saving our mothers at birth, remember we were losing 16 a day and in the last five years NRM has improved the number to 19 my fellow candidate don’t lie to our mothers to vote you as they lose their lives. I think that we read all the manifestos to have a say not just to speak without information like my brother did basing on my post. Any way from that part I will come to know whether the ideological difference isn’t there as he claims I stand to be collected that those policy frameworks are not FDC but NRM
I will also tackle the issue where there are claims by NRM members that NRM is a mass Party. That’s a lie and pretence amongst our rulers. This should stop. Even in a local saving society (ekiibina) where people are less knowledgeable on policy, a chairperson cannot be allowed to appoint a treasurer, a secretary general and himself (as in Museveni’s case) that society would lose members. So I ask, if our grandparents and some of our mothers and fathers who are considered illiterate can refuse this at their level why are you “intellectuals” stuck in such an organization. Why don’t you leave (I beg for answers). I have to compare such people with the proverbial fly that followed the patient, later the dead body, then the coffin until it was buried, remember at each stage it was chased. This is a typical proverb for the NRM members who can’t see that there is no NRM but Museveni.

If the president who has turned himself a wolf decides never to allow you have a road lobbied for the people of Kanungu what will you do. At least I can protest. But u cant.
My last concern goes to how these leaders are all up in arms today claiming they are NRM, but at least the NRM I know is going to have rigged elections as it has been the norm. And my campaign to convince some sizable number of people to not participate in the NRM primaries is yet to start, we cannot have lamentations every day.


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