Good afternoon the citizens of the most beautiful land, my homeland. I once again try to put some words to you such that by the time we make our choices we make valid choices. The choices that won’t make us suffer constant repression as it been done in the past. The last time checked NRM was canvassing support via their 9 candidates that have showed interest in the Kinkiizi west parliamentary seat. I only hope they don’t become 20 by the end of this month. What makes me right this piece at this moment is to tell you that the NRM doesn’t exist in which they are contesting but only museveni exists!
They claim that they will bring development to the area under the NRM regime headed by its sole candidate president Mr. museveni is a myth. They should have told people the truth that Mr. Museveni can longer deliver but campaigned for themselves and change of presidency which has a very great effect on how they will perform as MPs. People who don’t tell the truth I call them cowards who shouldn’t lead us for the African culture can never give cowards leadership. They can’t even defend one of their own Amama Mbabazi their former NRM chief who currently they are disassociated with in a bid to support Museveni except one (Kamwesiga Mr. Amama’s political assistant and I think also it’s in protection for his job).
When asked why they have continuously told lies to the people of Kinkiizi west, they are naïve and their answer is that the people of Kinkizi west are NRM so they have to contest on NRM ticket to win. So to them the end justifies the means no matter what. However with all the hostility that has been put to us by these forces in the past am very much determined than ever to tell the truth that shall save u. Below are the key concerns that the people must know before we can even start the formal campaigns.
The people of Kinkiizi west are ever told by all the presidents in power that they have to vote them and all their representatives in order to gain from government programs. However this has never been true. For example when Obote was in power he said the same things as Museveni says and Rwanyarare was as such given the parliementaery seat and the people of my area never developed. Museveni came with Amama Mbabazi and these great people did the same.
With all the failures of the NRM Kinkiizi west has become a model of the failure with impassible roads, bridges are nowhere to be seen, patients of typhoid are at every failed health centers lining up and death as a result has been the prize given to our people to mention but a few. With all this all the 9 candidates of the NRM are using the same song to get support from our people I wonder whether there will be any change.
We must note from the argument of these candidates that for them us the people are not an issue at all but their entrance to the parliamentary building to actually node and dance for Mr. museven as they eat is the biggest issue.
I therefore request you to be a bit patient as I prepare to come and contest with these perennial liars who have continued to think that the people of our great area got married and are enslaved to the NRM as claimed by their supporters and themselves. I won’t contest to just win the parliamentary seat only but I will also contest to fight a battle with the NRM and Museveni for there can’t be any positive change from these liars.


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