Dear gallant young unemployed patriots, congratulations upon the recent launch of the registration of unemployed Ugandans. It is a revolutionary act. Your actions have made Government functionaries sweat plasma trying to prove to whoever cares to listen how your efforts will come to naught.

This falling of heads over heels about your activities indicates that government knows that a revolutionary situation is obtaining in the country otherwise they would not be exorcising a specter that is not haunting them! Since the NRM regime claims to be revolutionary, it surely knows something about the causes of revolutions and the ability of young people.

friends, world over, the causes of revolutions are similar. They include; hard economic situations punctuated by massive unemployment, high prices for basic commodities, failure by the state to meet its obligations like paying reasonable salaries to its workers, high taxes, breakdown of social infrastructure, a corrupt political class, leaders’ indifference to people’s concerns and political intolerance among many others. Whether it is revolutionary Europe in the nineteenth century, communist revolutionary upsurges in the twentieth century or the Arab spring in the twenty first century, discontent sparked them off. The reason government apologists are pacing up and down like a cat on hot bricks is because they know that these objective conditions are ripe in Uganda! Popular discontent is palpable in the population today! Massive unemployment, Civil servants have to endure months without pay including police officers, who prop up the regime with their mambas and tear gas vehicles parked at every corner in this country., recurrent strikes by business people, medical workers, teachers and lecturers, cracking down on civil liberties through reactionary legislations and force, the ever widening gap between minority rich and majority poor, unprecedented looting of national coffers by those in power and a population, majority of whom day break is a nightmare are all pointers to a revolutionary time bomb you are not alone.

Whereas a mechanical transfer of situations is not possible, you have a lot to learn from the Arab spring which also had a precedent – revolutionary Europe in 1848! The inspiration factor plays a critical role in revolution. Revolutionary Europe was inspired by France in 1830 and 1848 when the Metternichs were shown the exit. The success of the Russian Revolution in 1917 inspired communist revolutions across the globe! The Arab spring is the new trail blazer- learn from it.

You should not be intimidated nor heed the counsel of naysayers for the anatomy of all dictatorships is the same! They all believe that they are invincible until they are chased. When Ben Ali was toppled in Tunisia, Mubarak’s praise singers chorused ‘what has happened in Tunisia cannot happen here’ hardly a month after Mubarak was history. Following in line was the King of Kings in Tripoli exhorting his men to kill the cockroaches; the rats as they had done to the Abu Salim prisoners fifteen years earlier, finally the rats chased the mighty lion! Believe in yourselves an.
Remember that revolution is scientific. Irrespective of time and space, hydrogen combined with oxygen, activated by a flame, will produce water. Whether one is in a French, Russian or Ugandan political laboratory, oppression and exploitation will produce revolution, the gestation period may differ but the outcome is certain you are the midwives in this endeavor. Light the fuse!

The tyrant despises you and is insensitive to your concerns. He teaches his lackeys to be sycophantic to those above and arrogant to those below. Remember when the starving Parisian masses cried out to their king for help, Madam Antoinette, queen of the French throne advised them to eat cakes if they could not afford bread! When a handful of demonstrators gathered in Benghazi to demand the release of a human rights activist Fethi Tarbel, Col Gadhafi vowed to crush ‘those cockroaches.’ The regime’s spokespersons like Ofwono Opondo and Nagenda will refer to you as the ‘great unwashed of the slums, the dregs of society’ and your engagements ‘are ment to pass time because you are not exactly busy’ another way of saying that you are unemployed and that you may go and hang for the government does not owe you a living. Dr. Martin Luther king was spot on when he said thus ‘before the victory is won, some will be misunderstood and called bad names and dismissed as ruble rousers and agitators’ worse will be said but don’t lose hope.

Lastly you have nothing to fear from the paper tigers in power. Be resolute, fear no sacrifice, prepare to surmount all difficulties along your way and victory will be in your hands. Government will spend more money whitewashing its image through propaganda and threatening you through obnoxious laws like the public order management law but all that is an exercise in futility for when change comes, some may not have where to hide. Indeed revolutionaries do not retire; they have tendency of being dragged out of rat holes! ALUTA CONTINUA.


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