Uganda has one man who has claimed that he is the only one with a vision for his country.

But let me say that he reaches 2016 when he is president and he contests for the presidency as he is greedily going to in that election. I hope not to hear this ‘Museveni delivered us from tyrannical regimes’ because of the following reasons that am going to put clear

Individuals who are only 50 years and above will be the only ones to comment about the past regimes because they are the ones that had substantial knowledge on what tyranny could have been then. I know here the parents that have got their sons and daughters in their sitting rooms can dispute this but if you are 20 yrs know and your father or mother is 40 she/ he should not lecture you on how the past regimes were bad because he/she is almost like you as regards the past regimes. This because when president Museveni took power those parents of yours that you call old which is true were either in p.5 or p.6 then and these 10 year olds then cannot claim to know the details of a tyrannical regime and this is a fact. It should be noted that 40 year olds in Uganda are grand mothers so their sons/ daughters and their grannies plus themselves cannot explain the past regimes that museveni calls tyrannical. Museveni therefore preaches what he wants because in such a young population there is no one to put him to a challenge because himself and a few Ugandans were there then. Let me keep it a constant and I don’t want to go into the bad side of Museveni which any way exists and call him a good man. What kind of a god man should have mothers and their children vote in an election where he is a contender and non of the mother and child can explain vividly how at least one of the predecessors can be described there fore considering the times even if he was good he is just good to go and not to stay


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