LAUNCH OF NAU [National Association of the Unemployed]

There are very many problems but unless you are hypocrite the fact that most of Ugandans can’t even eat three meals when they call themselves intellectuals of this country!

When my dad was bringing me up he made it clear to me that running away from problems doesn’t solve the problems but rather makes them prevalent. When president Museveni came to power in 1986 being a graduate without a job was almost unheard of but today 30 years later 84% of the current Ugandan graduates are either unemployed or under employed. So for me as Brian Atuheire from my dad’s words I have decided to take a path that is compromising my future by being unemployed and other many Ugandans and I should solve this now such that my children never come to see these challenges. As a result there is no question that every one knows what has brought these challenges and I am committed therefore to moving in this country and registering every unemployed able bodied Ugandan such that we sit to gather discuss and work together to solve this problem that is eating up our generation for once and for all. The photos below show how we launched our campaign in style with the arts graduates burning their transcripts [ copies] and graduation gowns since they studied useless subjects as the president claims


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