Corrupt Leaders’ Greed Deprives an Entire Life’s Dream from their Young People.

this is great our generation can fight this curse

Shawn Diaries

A young man peaceful shuns corruption in Uganda. A young man peaceful shuns corruption in Uganda.

No one knows how corruption looks like until it hits them with roads with potholes, hospitals without drugs, ghosts living among humans with the abilities of drawing wages every month from public payrolls. African governments have failed to inculcate systems of accountability to help them to serve their citizens who pay taxes. Many African countries have strong men who don’t want to leave power through peaceful means. Uganda since its independence has never handed power from one president to another peaceful, from one to another they have all been aided by the sound of the gun and oozing bullets. Women and young children have continued to be the victims of political greed that has always taken drained a country with lots of potential from its climate to natural resources Uganda seems to be stuck in the narrative of ‘Africa is Rising’. 

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