Cats and Chocolate

‘Shakespeare and Company is a winding, twisting, climbing labyrinth of books, a literary commune, a shelter for writers, a refuge for book lovers. It is–as my father, George Whitman, said–“a novel in three words.” – Sylvia Whitman.


At Kilometer Zero in Paris, the road at which all roads in France begin, is a façade recognised the world over to bibliophiles and aspiring writers. In a little square with forest green railings, two little trees and a string of multicoloured lights swooping across, George Whitman’s ode to books and writers filled me with joy. I haven’t felt this excited about a bookshop since I first stepped into Foyles (which is a Mecca of books, whilst Shakespeare and Co is a maze of books). If there was ever a spiritual home for book lovers – this is it.


On first stepping into the bookshop, my eyes were drawn towards the vertiginous stacks…

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