Atuheire Brian Batenda

Hello comrades

it has been clear that the opposition has continued to look at Mbabazi with a keen eye since the alleged bid for presidency came into their ears and mostly after the Kyankwazi resolution that to me was illegal. All the above have resulted into the national wide campaign to campaign for Mbabazi and the NRM MPs have also been given money to bribe the public such that Musevemi is supported. the citizens have been reduced to 500 shillings  alas! more to this also Mbabazi has moved openly and called on the youth to fight for what is right that was in his home church in Kanungu and as the events unfold today the people of kanungu decided to support mbabazi overwhelimingly. indeed I was surprised to see Mr. Kabenda on TV heading the group for Mbabazi before three years end from the date Mbabazi rigged and ruffled him to me this is…

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