LOAN SCHEME NOT FOR THE POOR AND NEEDY

It is a pure myth that the loan scheme will help the needy as put and claimed by government in a bid to make students access university education. This is because the government, that is for the few is providing loan scheme to let their agenda to neglect and create the poor class in society yield grow.  And in view I can justify with the following reasons

The needy in Uganda accessing university education are like the camel passing through an eye of a needle. This is because the needy start in UPE schools where it’s clear that their completion rates are very low.  Very few of those who complete go to secondary with very poor grades and because of the poor grades and inability to raise fees they again join very poor secondary schools that finally make them have very poor grades at O’level.

 Then small number of these go to A’level to schools that never teach sciences in this case because the schools cannot manage laboratory equipments and manage paying science teachers. Meaning if one considers the courses government says are for national development then theses needy poor Ugandans cannot access these loans since they will be competitive and mainly going to science based courses that these poor needy Ugandans cannot access and in any case if they do they can’t pass the sciences

The above has been the aim of the systems in government to my thinking to eliminate a certain class of people because as it was in the 60s and 70s villagers would come to Makerere and get higher education. Unlike today where almost 100 schools take the science slots available at the university leaving the others uncatered for.

Now the loan scheme that is also for science based students will favor those that would have passed sciences at A’level but failed to get government sponsorship and to be real these will be the students from rich families who can take their sons and daughters to schools with laboratories and not under trees and halls which are made of papyrus where the poor study from.

All the above will make the government scheme and loan scheme look more alike because when one looks at the lists of the government schemes mainly those in science at Makerere university where I am a student one finds that 30% of medical students have gone through St. Mary’s college Kitende and Namugongo making the two schools the most prominent at Medical school this reflects pure national imbalance in terms of academics.  And for the poor because using these examples fees paid in these schools cannot be managed by the poor and the needy. So the loan scheme will address the ones from similar schools who would have performed slightly badly but would have passed enough to gain these loan schemes.

The poor and the needy on the other hand would have been favored if government sponsorship would have been removed together with state house scholarship and this coming loan scheme to subsidize the education fees at tertially institutions  because there a poor student can meet this tax payers money irrespective of the course he or she does. So from the above the scheme will again go to students who can afford university fees with the criteria given and not to the needy and the poor as portrayed.

In conclusion this is another myth put by the Museveni  government in a bid to wood wink the poor Ugandans.



The Author is a Student at Makerere University Kampala




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